{ BELIEVE } #69

February 2, 2015

Another super busy week! I wish I could make this transfer into a movie it's been going so well and it's been so fun! This week a ton of eventful things went on.

1st off… We went to the temple. It was the best day ever. I am so grateful for the temple. Going there with the whole zone was a great experience, being inside the temple is indescribable. Just, peace. I read my last years experience from the temple and it was like reading a horror story filled with tears... I didn't understand anything that anyone said! But, this time I felt at home. 

The Zone

2nd... We had leadership council. We always listen to the testimonies of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders that are going home and this time... it was my turn! I was asked to share some things that I learned and one tip… The hardest assignment of my life! How do I even sum it all up?! But, as I got to thinking, this mission was my mission, it's sacred and it changed me 100%. I'm still the same me but... I changed. Hard to explain but, it's amazing :) Hope to share it all with you when I have lots of time :)

Hermana Gonzalez asked me in lunch yesterday how much time I had left... 3 weeks. And she said well congratulations… you work as if you just got here! That made me feel happy. I wanted to give every second of my mission my all…Especially this time to wrap it all up! Sunday we had to move our gospel principles class into the cultural hall because all the people wouldn't fit. The Elders and us just smiled the whole time out of pure amazement. I cannot express enough that we don't do it, the Lord works miracles. We sat down next to Lourdes who came on her bike with us and we saw Rosa and her grandson walk in and then 5 minutes later Julia and her whole family walk in, Beatrice Acosta came in, Betti came in, and then... Luis came in. Our prayers were answered! We have been so blessed. This is the only time in my mission where appointments haven't fallen through. It's amazing and I can't be happier. I love being able to work in this work with my companion and with these wonderful members who are ready to work and find the prepared people. 

President Pitito ( President Thurgoods counselor) told us a story. 

He said that a boss had two interviews with his employees. He asked them both the same question. "Hey, I'm having a party tonight with my family and I need oranges... lots of them, I'm not going to have time so, could you go get them for me and bring me the receipt? The first one left the office and went and bought the oranges. He brought them back and handed the bag over to his boss and said "Here you go, I just grabbed a bunch of oranges and here's the receipt. I hope it's okay"

The second employee was asked the same question, so he set off to buy the oranges. He returned to his boss without a bag of oranges or the receipt so the boss asked "Where's the oranges?"  The employee said, "Well, I wasn't sure what kind of oranges you needed so I called your wife. She told me that you would be needing to make orange juice, so I bought the oranges for juicing. I wasn't sure how many so I called again and she said that she'd need 4 pounds... You told me that you wouldn't have too much time so I took the oranges to your house and gave the receipt to your wife."  

What's the difference? They both bought the oranges. But the second had the desire to serve his best to really help his boss. 

With what desires do we serve? I have found that with real desires to serve we are the happiest. Well, I know that I am. Sometimes it's hard, not gonna lie, but we can develop Christ-like attributes when we try our best to go above and beyond. My companion is a great example of this and I am learning lots from her!

D&C 58:26-28
D&C 64:29

Do we just want to complete the work or... will we do it with real desires and with love? :)

Hermana Calderon and I are having a great time together! We are enjoying talking to everyone, inviting them to enjoy a better, happier life and teaching and teaching and teaching.

Luis and Sebastiana sell food on Sundays and Saturdays… they just started to sell. As we taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy they hesitated a bit, but the next lesson we had with them on Saturday they told us that they looked in every single store and couldn't find the right corn flour to make sopa paraguaya… just sufficient to make it on Saturday... and then Luis said, "Looks like someone want's us to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy" THANK YOU MIRACLES! 

Here's to another great week! I have no idea what it has in store but I'm ready :) Trying to learn all that I can in these last few weeks that I have left here in the mission! Keep praying for these amazing people! 

Have a great week!! :)

XOXOXO Hermana Barrett

Paraguaya "Chipa"
Sleepy Elder Cobb..the days can be long!
Last Consejo de liderazgo
It's Hermana Diaz! Back together again!
Hermana Harmon...She is Louise Harmon's niece. Louise was my Young Woman's leader in Chandler.
Fresh picked Higos...(Figs) from Hermana Rincon's house
Elder Jackson...My District leader He was on the travel group with me on on our way to Argentina!

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