{ Finish Strong } #70

February 9, 2015

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for all the encouragement to finish strong during these next couple of weeks! There is no doubt that I will be finishing strong. There is so much work to do here and so many miracles happening every day!

This week flew by! We had two exchanges. I was with Hermana Winfield from Wyoming in Claypole first.
She is just about to finish her training! It was fun being with her and teaching their investigators. I learned a lot from her patience and diligence... also her humility. She is so ready to take advice and learn new things. She made me pancakes in the morning and to add to it I ate an egg with hot sauce... bad idea... as we were heading back on the train to go to Alejandro Korn my stomach felt like it was going to explode! But what are ya gonna do?? haha. We had a great day together and were able to teach an investigator that in that moment received a testimony of the blessings of tithing! A member that we went with shared her testimony and he is now willing to keep the commandments :)

On Friday I was in San Vicente with Hermana Edquén...
She is so great! She's got about 5 months in the mission and she is such a loving person and ready to learn and teach. I was amazed at her ability to follow the spirit. At the end of the day she felt like we needed to knock at a door and we did it, the girl came out and let us teach her! We are seeing miracles every day! Another great exchange with Hermana Edquén!

This week I have been learning a lot about service. Doing it from the heart. Putting others first before everything. I am trying to put pride aside in every situation. It's hard but it is the answer to happiness! We need to always submit to the will of the Lord. :) 

The mission is like training for life! I have come to the end of the year and a half and I just feel like wait.... I still have so much to learn and do!! But, luckily, I've got all of my life to do it :) I feel at peace to know that I have done everything within my reach to do everything that I could in the mission. :) I love what I am doing! I will miss it so much but the future is always bright! I know that my duty to help others come unto Christ will continue on!  I have learned to anchor all of my faith in the Lord.  

"If you've ever seen the anchor on a large ship, you know how massive it  is and how sturdy and strong the metal links of the anchor chain are. But when compared to the total size of the weight of the entire ship, the anchor and its chain seem small indeed. Still, if properly placed on the bottom of the sea, a sturdy anchor can hold a giant ship fast, even in troubled waters."  -Our Search For Happiness

The gospel is and always will be the answer. I am glad that I have discovered it :)

Remember Luis and Sebastiana from last week? They shared with us that they completely stopped selling food on Sundays... and they plan on keeping it that way. Miracles :) The Gospel is blessing their lives.

Love you guys so much!
Talk to you soon!
Wednesday next week because it's a holiday here!

Hermana Barrett

A member let us borrow her waffle iron. The Zone was so excited because....
We had a Zone Waffle Party!!

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