{ Feliz Ano Nuevo } # 65

January 5, 2015

Feliz Año Nuevo

 Hi Lovelies!

So even thinking about what to write to describe this week made me dizzy! What a crazy week! We were super busy and it was such a great week :)

On Friday we had Leadership Training where I learned so much! We are looking forward to making a lot of things better in the way that we teach and in the way that we work with the members. President asked for volunteers to do a practice and I volunteered... WHAT?!  I had pretty much said that I would never do it... haha... but I did! I volunteered my companion and I…Why not, right?! Go big or go home. 

On Tuesday we went to do a quick split with the Sisters in Adrogue. Their excitement was dragging a little bit so we went and surprised them by making tacos, then we went out and did some work in their area! It was super successful and they are ready to 
go :)

Transfers are coming up so my companion and I are playing the game where we ask if we're leaving or staying and we open the scriptures and let them tell our future. Unfortunately, we're still not sure about anything... it's told us no, yes, maybe. Haha  We'll see this weekend!! :)

New Years was a blast with the Gonzalez Family. They made us a yummy dinner and we got to meet all of their family. Then after we got home and to bed, we woke up to fireworks at 12:00 again! But I am so lucky to just be so tired lately that I just fell right back to sleep like a rock!
Gonzales Family

New Years Asado
Fruit Salad (Ensalada de fruta)-A popular dessert here in the summer
Back of the Gonzales truck

I am exhausted but I feel so good! I am so happy. My shoes are broken but they are so comfy. It's hard to speak English well… and I'm trying to perfect my Spanish… I'm so, so happy. Even though trials come, like it says in Ether 2: 23-25… He sends the trials so we can get to the promised land! Happy and super excited for this next week!

So I sadly found out on Tuesday that Hermana Simmons (former companion Kendall trained for 12 weeks) had to go home. She called me and told me that she'd be going back home to Canada. :( She tore her ACL and has to go get it all figured out. Pray for her!

We had a Family Home Evening Tuesday night with the Rincon Family and Hermana Rincon brought out her waffle iron! Where had she been all this time!?? She made like 50 waffles and brought out every topping possible. I love her. She makes good food and she is the sweetest sister ever! We were able to teach her family and parts that aren't members. As a ward we are working on her family lots :) Seeing miracles!
Hermana Rincon and waffles! We adore her.

FHE with the Rincons

We found Beatriz Acosta this week; She is one of the pioneers of this ward! She hasn't been going to church for many, many years but we got to teach her and invite her to come to church againand.... as we walked in on Sunday… SHE WAS THERE! Miracles. 

Speaking of miracles. We found Natalie and her family this week. THE SPIRIT IS REAL! And we shouldn't EVER ignore it. We were walking and a family was walking towards us and I just thought for a split second... "We should talk to them." So I told my companion and we talked to them! She said that she always saw us pass by and she's always wanted to talk to us. So, there we were. We set another day to pass by and the lesson went so well! Lourdes is 16 years old… her daughter and she have never prayed before. After teaching the Restoration we were able to teach them to pray and also about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon.

This morning I got to thinking about Christ and the Importance of the Book of Mormon… and that really, the knowledge and experiences that I have had have changed my life. In Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel, in the study ideas, it says... find a scripture from the Book of Mormon that has changed your life. Well, I chose a Chapter. 3 Nephi 11. The coming of Christ to the Americas changed everything. It made all of the prophecies true from the prophets from 600 years before his coming. Then I found more great scriptures. 

Helaman 14:12
Mosiah 3:8, 4:2
Alma 11:39-40
3 Nephi 9:15

He is the Christ. He came to give us the opportunity to be able to live with our Heavenly Father again. We're all his Children and I know it to be true! I know that in the Book of Mormon we are given so much proof of Gods love for us. He sent is son to be our example. Keep reading your scriptures and like I have been doing, write in a study journal all of the blessings you really have from the coming of Christ. The Restoration wasn't a creation of another Gospel. It was literally a restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Try to find the scriptures that changed your life :)

Love you all!!!!

Hermana Barrett <3

Familia Seta
Beautiful friend Luna Seta-She just returned from her mission to Chile and now helps us out a lot!

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