{ Alejandro Korn to the End } #66

January 12, 2015

Well, looks like I will be finishing this wonderful journey in Alejandro Korn. I have a new companion from Cordoba, Argentina named Hermana Calderon. We are both sister-training leaders and we will be going to Burzaco, San Vicente and Claypole for exchanges with all the sisters! It has been such a blessing to be able to serve as a Sister-Training
Leader! But I know that I do nothing, I can give my best effort and the Lord amazingly does the rest. I know without a doubt that it's going to be a great transfer and then February 28th I'll be in casa! I want to finish everything super strong! I'm so happy and ready to keep working in this ward that's so close to my heart! We're finding those that are prepared, helping those that already know to gain an even stronger testimony and trying to save as many souls as possible. It's all become fun and really just a part of life :)

This week was another amazing week filled with Miracles. 

First of all, we invited Hermana Nina to write her testimony in a copy of a Book of Mormon during our lunch with her so she could give it to someone. She handed it to us and thought that we would be giving it to someone but really, she needed to do it! Immediately, her gym teacher came to her mind. She was so excited to give it to her. We invited her to share her testimony for Fast Sunday about the missionary opportunity that she had. SHE DID IT! She said that her gym teacher was so happy to receive something so special. Go NINA!

This week we had lots of appointments with members. Its amazing how much better the work is with members. This ward is changing little by little into a missionary based ward.  

We have started doing Family Home Evenings weekly with the ward in the church to help them know how to start doing them on Mondays and also to have more opportunities to invite their friends to learn more about the church!

The other day we were walking for a while and we were so tired! We were talking to anyone and it was just draining! haha The sun drains the energy so fast! As we passed a bus stop I got a strong feeling that I should talk to the woman with her two little children. I ignored it... then it came again, so I smiled at her and then passed by. The thought came again so I stopped, pulled out a pamphlet and said “We need to talk to her!” So we went back and introduced ourselves and she said, “I already know who you guys are.. I'm a member… an inactive member.”  We started to talk to her and a lot had gone on in her life but she never felt the need to go back to church. We reminded her of the love that our Heavenly Father has for her and that she is always welcome back. It was something super simple but I have gained a strong testimony that the simple things make big things happen. I'm so glad I didn't ignore the spirit once more... it's so important to follow the whispering. 

Sunday I was able to give a talk about baptism. It is a sacred covenant that really helps us start a new life. The Sacrament allows us to start new weeks and daily repentance helps us realize the grace of Christ and really try every day to be on the road to being the best that we can be. 

So many things happened this week. I truly love this place. I love these people and I love this gospel.

I hope you all have a great week!

We had a ton of people come to church this week! …Including three less actives that have just started to come back to church! I love this work!

Continue reading, smiling and praying!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

Hermana Barrett

Romans 8:28
My New Companion-Hermana Calderon

Familia Gonzalez
Hermana Carrizo (Argentina) and Vargas (Nicaragua)

Exchanges with Hermana Cannon (Gilbert, AZ)
Hermana Hansen (Utah) went home 
Hermanas Shurtleff and Vargas-Love them!!
The Zone and Helpers
Familia Diaz

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