{ The Spirit of Christmas } #62

December 15, 2014

Hi loved ones! 
Another week has passed by in Alejandro Korn and all is well! No matter how the week goes, we always feel super satisfied to reach Monday again! We had a great week all in all but of course, every week has it's rough edges. 

We were talking with the Elders last night about what we can do to help the ward. Everything is a bit un-organized, the bishop has lots of tasks, we're filled with activities for Christmas and honestly, the Christmas spirit has  become hectic. We just want everyone to be able to share his or her testimony of Christ. But first, we need to bring them to Christ…our purpose as missionaries! We are here to help the ward grow by helping everyone come unto Christ!

So at first I said well, we can help them strengthen their faith in Christ. Then Elder Payne said…”Well, first we need to let them know who Christ is! “ Then I was like “Yeah... that's the key!”
1. We as missionaries need to know who Christ is and how it applies to our personal lives
2. We need to help others know who Christ is and how it applies to their lives and THEN
3. We can help others develop their faith in Christ.

Knowing who Christ is and that he lives through the spirit is the essence of a testimony BUT having faith in Christ, that he suffered for us so that we can reach our eternal goals is the start of conversion.

Conversion unto Christ is necessary because it is because of him that we do everything that we do. He is the why and how of everything. John 14:6

So as we were sitting in our Zone Conference President gave us a chance to share our testimonies of Christ. It was a beautiful conference focused on the real meaning of Christmas. After many of us had born our testimonies, President got up again and said, “We need to talk about Christ more.”
2 Nephi 25:26-28

I love the scriptures because they testify of Christ. I know who he is, I know what he did, I know why he did it but it's a life long process of truly applying everything that he was and is to my life personally. Through memorizing The Living Christ I have come to know him even more and I know that through him, everything is possible. 

During this Christmas I like to think about the importance of Christ in my life. In Alma 7:7 it says that "..there is one thing which is of more importance than they all.." and in verses 10-13 Alma explains that "this is the testimony in me" He has a true testimony that the coming of Christ is more important than anything in this world. It's an invitation for us to discover it too!

The other night we were planning for an investigator and we had a great experience of listening to the spirit. We thought that we knew what her needs were but we kept thinking. My companion threw a few lesson ideas out but then I pretended to be the investigator… I asked questions, she answered, I put out some of my doubts and at the end of the practice I said... What should we teach Jessica? The Plan of Salvation. Exactly. We both were thinking the same thing. We always need to stop and let the spirit guide. 

I had exchanges this week with Hermana Miño. She is a mini missionary for just 6 weeks. She has her mission call to Brazil. She wanted to get a feel for the mission before she left and she is such a sweet heart. She is brand new so is still getting to know everything. Their companionship is struggling a little bit but helping them is helping our companionship. I have started to just look for every single opportunity to serve Hermana Flores. Sometimes I just wake up with a negative attitude and I get annoyed at her so… I realized that a lot is my fault so I am trying every day a little bit more to be a little bit better. I've grown a great love for her. I have started to understand the reason why we are together and we are getting along a lot better. She inspires me to be myself and to relax sometimes haha

Everything is going super great here in Korn. This week we are taking the members out to the park to promote "He is the Gift" and sing all of the Christmas Hymns! Then we have a talent show on Saturday and Sunday is the Christmas Devotional, the big singing night! I'm hoping that they'll record it. 

On Monday we found an old investigator named Ana. She is super busy with her work but she is amazing. She has been prepared for 6 years. Reads the Book of Mormon, knows it's true and knows that the Church is true. There are a few obstacles but it just goes to show you that every single little seed that we plant as missionaries and as members COUNTS! So, share it, share it all! Plant lots of seeds this week!

Love you all with all of my heart! Have a great week! :) 
XOXO Hermana Barrett

I will #SharetheGift by doing all that I can to leave myself behind and serve the Lord with all of my heart. 

How will you Share the Gift? What will your gift be to Christ this year?

Who Is Christ

Ice Cream at Zone Conference
Our Christmas Tree!We found a big branch and shaped it up nicely!
Our Mini-Missionary! Hermana Miño
Zone Conference with Hermanas Shurtleff and Vargas...My Favorites!!


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