{ My Attitude of Gratitude } #60

December 1, 2014

Hi everyone!!

It's the best month ever! Happy December!

This is a grateful letter, because today I really have a grateful heart. My eyes of understanding have been opened. This week was maaahvalous, simply maaaahvalous! As a matter of fact, every single week of my mission has been. Sometimes I just fail to see all of the little things, so I tried to focus on them this week. I fail to be sufficiently grateful for everything that I do have and I just look for the things that I lack. What a horrible lifestyle! So, I'm changing :) I want to be constantly grateful. 

I love the scriptures. As we ran through an almost hurricane-like storm on Saturday I just thought, PLEASE protect my scriptures! They're the most precious material thing that I own! I learned so much this week from reading the scriptures. I want to share them with everyone! We need to love the scriptures! 

Yesterday was the baptism of Angeles. With the rain, the power went out, but we still went on with it! Every baptism has been super interesting haha. It was an amazing service. So many of the members were there. As she was stepping into the font, her little brother screamed her name and we were all laughing. haha The Pascale's are returning to church. It's a miracle! Angeles really is an Angel and I know that her example is going to help her family. When she was given the Holy Ghost she received a beautiful blessing to be able to help her family and friends and to one day have the desire to serve a mission. That's when it hit me once again that this really is the work of salvation. 

I was able to do exchanges with Hermana Bonilla this past week and we both got food poisoning! HAHA. I guess its funny now. But it was a super fun and funny day, we talked to some crazies, found an MIA less-active and taught some great lessons with a super devoted member! I learned a lot about her faith in asking everyone for referrals. There are so many people prepared! 

This week we had to drop some investigators because they weren't progressing… :( but... I know that the Lord will provide this week and we will find more! :)

This week we taught a powerful lesson to one of our investigators about the spirit world and the wonderful ability that we have to be baptized for our ancestors. It's something that a lot of people don't know. It's so true and I loved feeling the spirit in the room. She was learning more about the wonderful plan of God. 

This week is Stake Conference and I've been asked to sing with the Stake choir so I can hit some high note... which I have no idea how I can hit it with my alto voice... haha…but it was fun practicing with all of the members. Then I also have the Christmas devotional practices which are still going great!

President has asked us to memorize The Living Christ. Whew! What a challenge! I've been learning even more about the influence of Christ in our lives. 

This transfer I learned so much, but to some a bit of it up:

* It's the quality that counts not the quantity.

* The power of working with members to reactivate families is unbelievable!

* My testimony and respect for Joseph Smith has sky rocketed from reading Doctrine and Covenants.

* I have learned the importance and need for Adversity.

* How to recognize answers to prayers.

* The importance of personal revelation and conversion.

A story for the week. :) 1 Nefi 16:15-31

What will this next transfer bring??

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Keep being the best!

Con Amor,

Hermana Barrett

P.S. Remember to be grateful!!

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