{ The Refiner's Fire } #59

November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Aunt Lori!!

Amazing that another week has flown by! 

Hermana Flake and I had exchanges this week and she is just an amor! She is so sweet and she has progressed so much, almost speaking better than I do!  We walked around most of the day in the mud but we laughed and had fun while doing it. One of our goals we made together was to be able to yield to the promptings of the spirit. It's the Lord’s work and we want to do it in His way. We celebrated Thanksgiving... okay... I know it's actually this week but, I got confused... haha… probs.  Enjoy it this week and eat some extra 3 Berry pie!!

I'm not going to lie, we've been working hard every day, being obedient, stepping outside of our comfort zones, searching for ways to serve and we just haven't been seeing much success. Or at least this week I was just getting myself down about so much rejection. I know all that Christ went through during his life here on earth and I know that everyone has their agency but sometimes it's just like, can I see some fruits already?! We see the little seeds being planted and miracles happen every day but this week I just felt… exhausted. I got frustrated and just felt like nothing was working but, I know that from a lot of rejection, we will see the fruits. Sometimes, I say to myself... it does suck that we have trials and imperfections and sadness and frustration... but God knows best that it's the only true way that we can have and find happiness. This has had me thinking of 2 Nephi 2:11 "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things." Then in Verses13-16 it shows even more that there is a God and that he really does have a divine purpose for us. So… I just tell myself, “Keep going, be humble, listen to the spirit and do it in the Lord’s way.”  People do have their agency. My job is to let them know what they can have and how they can reach it. Eternal Life... Exaltation… It's a Promised Land that we're all looking for. 

During my reading in the Old Testament about Moses, Moses too was asked of the Lord to help others come unto a land that was... "Good and Large flowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 3:8) Just like it says in each of these great scriptures in the Book of Mormon…(read them! I promise they will touch you! )

1Nephi 17:13
1Nephi 4:14
Ether 2:7-11
1Nephi 2:20
1 Nephi 7:13
1 Nephi 14:1-2
2 Nephi 1:9, 20, 5
Jarom 1:9
Omni 1:6
2 Nephi 9:2
Jacob 2:12
1 Nephi 17:5

We're all working to inherit a land prepared for the believers and the true followers of Christ. In this I have found so much joy and happiness :)

One thing that I learned this week is that the word "Saints" is used over 100 times in the Bible to identify living followers of Christ. "Saint" is a goal to strive for by living high ideals and following Christ's admonition. I have learned to be a better member and follower of Christ. 

The work of salvation is huge and the future is bright. We are so blessed and I have so much to be thankful for. 

The Pascale's will be adding a new member of the church in their family this Saturday. Angeles is getting baptized on Saturday :) 

On Tuesday for the district meeting we invited the members. It was so successful. We practiced how we can visit the less-active members and be more effective in the pilot plan so that they can feel our love. Hermana Flores and I talked about the example of Captain Moroni. He got frustrated and even angry at times because of the foolishness of the Lamanites and even his people but, the whole time during the wars, he continued to  strengthen his army and his cities. He put forts with a ton of protection around the weakest limbs of the army. That's when we related this part of the story to the less actives in the ward. They have been living the ways of the world for a lot of time (Some so much like Amalickiah) so they need to be strengthened with love, friends, the word of God and an assignment. 

Alma 48:17... Oh, if all men would be like Moroni!! Well, we'd all be perfect!! haha Of course that isn't possible right now, but we should work towards our Promised Land every day! :) It's there, being prepared just for us!

I love this new Mormon Message!
It is such a reminder to me that all these life experiences 
will allow me to feel more joy and be for my good! 

Click on it! You wont be sorry!

Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us. He has promised that this will never change.”
              — President Thomas S. Monson


Hermana Barrett

Exchanges with Hermana Flake

Familia Heyn-Investigators

H Flores and H Toala-Matching Blues!

Roxana and Family- More Investigators

Thanksgiving a week early!

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