{ The Importance of this Life } #55

October 27, 2014

Hi Loves!

We just got an email saying that an apostle is coming!!!!! Not sure who it is but cool news! 

Another super super hot week in Alejandro Korn. Seriously, hot and humid, I don't know how we do it. Outside all day, I think I go through at least 8 water bottles a day, my feet hurt, I'm a bit burnt... but, today we rest and get all ready for this next week of work! It's all worth it because we see miracles every day!

We have been teaching the Aquino family for a while and it's always been difficult teaching the whole family because Cristian, the dad, is never home. We have been wondering what to do for a long time and just last night we stopped by for a quick visit with a member and he told us that he found a new job. That he only works half days AND that he'll be home on the weekends. I didn't even realize the greatness of it until we got home and started talking about it. They are a great family and the Lord always provides.

The other day we were dead... in the heat at 3:00 when everyone is just dreaming away during their siesta time and no one was home but we headed into a new part of an area where we rarely go and as we were leaving a house a man on his bicycle stopped us and said,  “You guys are the Mormons right?” and we're just like YES!! 
So he told us that he has been wanting to go to our church for the longest time and that he wants us to teach him. We've had a couple lessons with him and he is soaring, learning a ton and really, he was a miracle, the Lord always provides when we put forth our effort.

Hermana Flores and I had a great week. I am learning a lot about diligence and although we are both different, I know that we are both here for the same reason. Pray that we find the prepared people this week! 

We have been teaching a lot about the importance of this life that we live in. The importance of always trying our best to be good people…to live the commandments, to be happy for our trials and to work hard for our ultimate goal of Eternal life. Words can't describe everything that I do and feel every single day but I know that this gospel is true and that it is life changing. I love it and it allows me to love life that much more! I love the scriptures!

Check out this video:

Our treasures are in heaven, waiting for us. Being rich in this life is both possible spiritually and material-wise but it all comes down to where we put our priorities. 

The best things in life sometimes take the hardest work to obtain. The Path isn't always easy, but the path is always worth it. 

I love the story of the tree of life that is found in 1 Nefi 8. The fruit that we can partake of is sweet, its worth the walk, is filled with Joy, it is Eternal Life. 

 Scriptures I have been pondering this week:

John 10:27-28 - The Savior knows us. As we follow him, we receive eternal life.
D&C 6:7 -Seek for wisdom in order to know the mysteries of God and eternal life...he who has eternal life is rich.
D&C 38:17-22 -He has made the earth rich. 
3Nefi 15:9 -Jesus is the law and the light. Endure(stay faithful) and receive eternal life
1Nefi 13:33 -Seek first the Kingdom of God,then all things are added to you.


Love you all a ton! So glad to hear that all is well and that all are happy! Stay strong and enjoy everything that we have in this life! :)


Hermana Barrett

Hermana Flores and the familiar Church front.
Youth and a water activity
Familia Pons-Investigators
Zona Longchamps

Blackberries off the trees!
Church Fountain...must be a South American thing!

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