{ Conversion-A Lifelong Process } #56

November 3, 2014

Hi everyone!
What a week! A super wet week! I fell in a huge moat the other day. Barf. It was hilarious. haha I also almost got attacked by a dog... yikes! That was funny too…well, now it is! Haha  And... the power went out for a good three days all over Korn but lucky us, we had light! It didn't make things too easy for the work though...hard to teach people in the dark! haha But it was a fun week, an adventure for sure! 

The Pascale family is a less active family that we are working with. We have seen miracles. We went to visit them with the bishop and his wife last week. Then they went to church and we went to visit them again with the bishop, who was able to bless their home and help us share a message. Then they showed up again this Sunday! The girls pulled out their skirts and Brother Pascale pulled out his tie! It was raining and we were a little bummed because we know it's super hard to get up and go to church on a rainy day. But, as we were waiting, we saw them walk up and we were so excited for them. They are an amazing family and I have grown to love them so much. The two little girls are participating in primary and are working towards baptism. I have learned a lot about the true meaning of conversion this week. 

This morning in my personal study I was reading in Alma 36. Alma is talking about his conversion and giving instructions to his son Helaman. I loved reading about the process of conversion that he went through. After he was visited and reprimanded by the angel, he wasn't able to talk for three days. As he just laid there being tormented about his horrible past and little by little trying to change, he immediately thought about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That through the Savior he could be happy. In that moment that he thought of Christ, he didn't feel any more pain or sadness. He felt indescribable JOY. The gospel brings joy... not just happiness, JOY. Not every conversion story is like the one of Alma but we all can have an awakening point. 

Alma 32:43- Then, my brethren, ye shall reap the rewards of your faith, and your diligence, and patience, and long-suffering, waiting for the tree to bring forth fruit unto you.  

We are changing a lot of the ways that we are going to record all of our numbers in the mission to be able to really focus on the people. When we as missionaries truly are converted, we can help others to step on to the path of conversion as well. 

"Knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion."

The strongest trees work at a steady and constant pace. Sometimes they grow very slow but the roots are strong. The weak trees try to grow as fast as possible and then get blown away by the wind from the lack of strong roots. Conversion is something that. It may take a lifetime but it is something that is worth a lifetime. I want to be truly converted to be able to help as many people possible to know how much it really is worth it to draw close to Christ.

D&C 42:29- If thou lovest me thou shalt serve me and keep all of my commandments.
The other day I was sitting next to a woman on the bus when she started to talk to us about the weather and we got to chatting about why we are here and why we were out in the rain… and she started to tell us about her family and that her husband passed away two months ago. We offered to explain more about the plan of happiness that God has for us while we are here on the earth and she gave us her address to pass by another day. People are put in our path daily. I love being able to help with the gospel. :)

Love you all so much!! Have the best week! Remember to smile! :)

<3 Hermana Barrett 

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! :)
The closest we get to swimming!!


Cool Flower!

Church member I love!! Hermana Escobar

We get to ride in the back of trucks here! NBD


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