{ Planting Trees=Planting Seeds } #53

This week we planted trees! All of the stake got together and we brought trees and shovels and put on the yellow vests and headed into the Elders area of Alejandro Korn. We provided more shade for the kids and in a few years... the trees are going to grow and the streets are going to look beautiful! haha It was great getting together with everyone from the stake for a good cause :)

We finished up all of the exchanges this week! Another exchange in San Vicente and then one in Burzaco. This time I was with Hermana Bonilla and Hermana Jimenez. I learned a ton from them, because really as a sister training leader, I am learning from them! I'm glad that I have been given the opportunity to be in this leadership position to help the mission grow even more! It is great seeing all of the Sisters work hard in their areas and I just remind them to have fun while they're doing it! We talk to as many people as we can and every day we learn how to better use our time out here. It's all a learning process! I am specifically studying the Restoration this week. I love it and it has been strengthening my testimony so much. I love teaching about and from the Book of Mormon. It's the key to it all! I want to be able to learn all that I can about it to be able to teach it more powerfully. It's the biggest difference that we have between all of the religions in the world. I love talking about families, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunity that we have to all live with our families after this life... all of it is made possible from the Restoration of the same Gospel that Christ established on the earth 2000 years ago, It's all restored and it's amazing :)

Hermana Sosa leaves me on Monday for Santiago! She is done with her mission! It will be hard but I am excited to see who my next companion will be. I am starting to get to know the area a lot better and loving the members a lot.

We are trying everything to find new people to teach and this week we will be having a family history activity in the Plaza! I'm super excited to share about my family and learn about others!

Hermana Rita Escobar is a devoted member that is just the best! We are trying to invite all of the members that don't usually come with us to lessons to… go with us! We invited her and she was testifying and teaching like crazy! There is so much power in lessons with members! Hoping to pass our goals this week!

Roxana is progressing towards baptism. They are a beautiful family of 5 and her husband is a less-active member. They are both slowly quitting smoking and I have found as we focus on teaching their whole family, they are realizing for themselves the blessings of the gospel. :)

The other day Hermana Sosa's shoe fell under the train hahaha We had to get it with a broom

During our district meeting we had a surprise guest. President Thurgood! It was super great to hear his feedback and get to chat with him! There are so many missionaries here so it's always hard to talk one on one with him! He is a great man and does a lot of great things for the work of the Lord!

Love you all tons and I hope you all have the best week!!!!


Hermana Barrett

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She's going home soon!

Cheese Puff things with sugar-Yum!

New Investigators!
 We planted five trees for them.

Exchanges-H Bonilla from Honduras

Exchanges-H Jimenez from El Salvador

Happy 18 months completed, H Sosa!

We got to wear the famous yellow vests!

 Hiding from the rain
Park Pic!
It FROG Season...can you see them?

Loving on the kids 

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