{ Grace and my Post-Conference Glow! } #52

October 6, 2014


The Phoenix Temple already? Are you kidding me?! So much has happened and although I am pretty out of the loop, I know that it is all happening for a reason. Congrats to my beautiful engaged friends, others that are finishing missions and others that are about to finish college! Life is so incredible and there is always so much to offer. I love seeing others enjoy life… it helps me enjoy life more! Right now I am enjoying this part of my life on my mission. I know that It won´t last forever but that's the greatness of life. There are so many good things that come and go. They define a good life. We have our good and our bad times but we need to live every day with Joy! We will only live today ONCE.

I have come to learn so many different things during my time here in Argentina and a lot of these things have changed me. I am happy to change into a better person every day. It's hard but I know that it's life! We change, life flashes before our eyes but one thing that I know that will never change is the love that our Savior has for us. I can recognize it every day. I have never seen a vision, I have never heard God's voice but I have felt his presence. I have felt his had in my life. I have felt the Saviors Grace every single day.

The other day we had a lesson that was absolutely perfect. Spot on, Preach My Gospel perfect and I know that it was only possible through our preparation and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. About three hours later after this lesson with our new investigators we found a family of five. They let us in and we started to teach. We stumbled with our words, we shared a scripture, we asked questions, they were silent, we bore our testimonies and committed them to read and pray but I thought to myself after the lesson, “That wasn't very good, not the best we've done, better luck next time though!” I had a firm confirmation though that we did all that we could have done. The decision is always up to the listener. They can choose to follow Christ. They can choose to keep commitments. They can choose to change their lives. We are only here as instruments in the hand of God. We are here trying to do our very best to be able to let everyone choose for themselves and be able to feel the desire through the spirit. Although the lesson wasn't perfect, Grace is sufficient. We walked out and I felt a little bummed but we kept going. Hermana Sosa asked, What's wrong? I said...”I felt like I didn't do very well... I stumbled on my words, I forgot a part and I don't know if they will progress.” All she said was “Hermana, remember that the Lord has a hand in our work. He completes all that we start. He fills the cracks.” I now understand Grace a little bit more and it makes the mission and all of life that much easier. 

This week we had our Leadership Training with the Zone Leaders…my first one! It's strange to see the mission from this point of view but it's super cool and it's great!

What a great weekend! I was able to watch all of the sessions of conference in English. Almost all of my zone is North American so it was fun. It poured rain both days so sadly the assistance (reception?) wasn't that great but I know that everyone that was there was so blessed by the words of the prophets. Usually there are a couple of talks that I just LOVE but there were so many that I loved this weekend! I hope that prayers were answered and that we are all just a little more pumped to keep moving forward in life!

Some of my favorites…

Elder Edgardo Gavarrette
Elder Hlland
Presidente Monson
Elder Ballard
Elder Scott
Elder Bednar
Elder Carlos A. Godoy
Elder Klebihgat 

Some of my favorite quotes and thoughts:

The Temple is prepared for us... we need to prepare ourselves to enter in. 

The simple gospel things are just one more drop of oil in our lamps of a testimony.

The best way to strengthen the home is to keep sacred covenants

All that is light is of God, -seek light

The Truth shines

Keep reminding your parents to pray

We can't compare obedience to a child who doesn't want to eat his veggies.... dessert never comes so neither will blessings

God knows things we don't know

God Showers our blessings down constantly like the rain, we need to remove our umbrellas of fear to step out side of our comfort zones to be able to receive them constantly.

Live the Gospel with JOY- We will discover our true selves

Someone has already paid.

Which way do you face?

Courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point.

Don't be two-faced.

I go to partake of the Sacrament.

God will not force us to become something that we don't want to become. We are not his puppets.

Resenting the law of gravity won't keep a mand from falling if he steps off a cliff.

Personal accountability is a right and a duty.

Yes Lord, I will follow Thee.

Do and be your very best.

Fasten your spiritual oxygen mask.

Observe the law of the fast.

Don't let the noise of the world over power the whisperings of the spirit. 

Have faith to receive confirming revelation.


Don't get trapped in a rip-tide.



Walking where he walked is much less important than walking AS he walked.

Stay focused.

First observe then serve.



Be examples of righteousness.

These past couple of days have helped me realize how I can be a better follower of Christ. How I can prepare better and make better decisions. How I can receive revelation, how I can sustain better and how I can be an overall better person! I loved every minute of Conference. I will be a better sustainer, I will do the best that I can to use the gift of Grace, I will strive to have his spirit to be with me. 

So on Friday guess who I got to be with all day... HERMANA VARGAS! Hermana Sosa went to the temple with the other Hermana that is going home this transfer so we spent some time working in Luis Guillon! It was super fun and things that don't every change are precious friendships. I have made a ton here and although it's been a year, I still love with all of my heart all of my friends back at home, if not more now! Shout outs!

Although I may not understand all that he does for me, I do know that I am all that I am because of Him. I know that he is my Heavenly Father and that I am his daughter. I have a plan and each and every day I am realizing the wonderful worth and blessing of it. 

Love you all so much! I am loving it here in Alejandro Korn! It's all tough because I am trying to step out of my comfort zone constantly but it's so enjoyable too and I never thought that I would learn so much about myself. I am trying to always fasten my spiritual oxygen mask first to be able to help others come unto Christ. Until next week!

Check them out!

The Hope of God's Light   Love it!

Puddle Jumping...White girls can't jump. 

Can you believe it??? It Hermana Vargas!!

Great friends picking up right where we left off!!

Had to take a food pic. H Sosa is a great cook!

Beautiful countryside

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