{ The Best Year and a Half } #51

September 29, 2014

Dearest Loved ones,

I hope everyone’s week went well! This week was super busy, filled with traveling exchanges, making great memories, meeting new people, reuniting with loved ones and really realizing how great of this work really is!

On Wednesday we went to CAÑUELAS! Both Hermana Sosa and I have served there and now we are assigned to train the sisters that are serving there! It was a little weird to be walking around in the little town again but we were able to see a ton of families and the work in Cañuelas is still going good! It was a hard number of months working there but we are able to help them with new ideas for the ward and help them with their investigators and pump up the excitement! I really learn a ton from these exchanges. We are all just trying to do our best and share this wonderful gospel with everyone we come in contact with. All four hermanas… Hermana Evans, Carrizo, Browning and Rojas live together in the pench and we... slept on the floor... for two nights in a row. It was painful but, it was a lot of fun. We worked there for two days doing splits. We also stayed a little longer to help them with some things to be able to work together stronger as a group. I love being able to help even more! 

We also had exchanges with San Vicente on Tuesday after our district meeting. After two weeks of being here… I stayed here to lead the area with Hermana Webb from Seattle. It was a little rough with pouring rain and a map and trying to find a ton of contacts but.... we did it and had a ton of fun! I have really been given a lot of strength and my mind has remembered a ton of directions in this area...three more weeks and Hermana Sosa leaves me! Triste. But we're working super hard and setting great goals for each week. We are working better with the ward each and every day as well. 

Today we had a District activity and we watched "The Best Two Years" Haha It had been a while and it's strange to feel like Spanish has gotten so much easier. I remember when it just seemed impossible... learning every day and truly the small and simple things help the big things occur! Anyway after watching the movie we are super pumped to get to work! haha. The Lord's love is real. I can feel it every day… most of all I am touched when others can feel it through the small and simple things.

From my readings from the Bible this week I was reading in Chapter 12 and 13 in Genesis about Abram. In the olden days sacrifices were a way to show their thanks to God. Abram was another example of an obedient man that always wanted to follow the way of the Lord and he wanted to let God know that he was grateful. He built altars everywhere that he went and offered up a sacrifice then, he gave a prayer of gratitude. We can still sacrifice little things in our days that keep us away from the path of the Lord, it is a way to show our love and appreciation… obedience. 

 19 We love him, because he first loved us.

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I am so so excited for this weekend. It only comes every six months and it is so special. We have the opportunity to listen to our prophet and receive personal revelation. The speakers have been preparing for a while to be able to say exactly what we need. It is our duty to be at every session so that we can be spiritually uplifted.

Anyone that has never been to conference or has never heard it, now is the chance. Our prophet offers words of happiness, encouragement and advice about how we can live our lives in the way of Christ. I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts next week and I hope that everyone gets to be a part of this great experience! Let me know your favorite parts! 

Everything is going super well in Alejandro Korn! I am getting used to it here more and more every day. I love learning new things, I have been blessed to meet so many great people and have so many experiences that really strengthen my testimony of the greatness of the gospel of Jesus Christ every day. I love that He is always there. He will never leave us stranded. I have learned to make great goals to fulfill my purpose here to invite everyone to come unto Christ and enjoy this eternal happiness. XOXO

Hermana Barrett
It's Never Too Late
On the train to Canuelas

Here we are...again!

Gotta take the customary
 Open Mouth Canuelas Selfie

     I collect flowers in a little book so   Hermana Sosa thought she was funny.....

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