{ ¡Aye pero que barbaro! } #50

"God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability."-Neal A Maxwell

This week flew by SO fast! We were able to find new people, make some great changes and we are truly having a ton of fun and enjoying the journey! 

Barbara is a new investigator that is just amazing.. She came to church this Sunday and participated in everything, plus she is going to go to the Relief Society activity and a ward activity we have on Friday! The Lord prepares.

We also found a new couple proselyting and their sons are all members! They had been wanting to talk to the missionaries for years and just never got up the nerve to go to church... The Lord prepares the way.

This week I went on my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader and it went so well! I went to Burzaco with Hermana Flake from Snowflake! She is just finishing up her training and flying with her Spanish! She sat down on the train and just started testifying about the Book of Mormon to the woman sitting across from us. I loved helping her and I love that she could help me with her example! We share our loves for Joe’s Real BBQ. #friends 

This week we had a district competition to see who could talk to the most people in the street. We still don't know the result but we saw so many miracles from just talking to EVERYONE in our path! It got us so excited too! I truly have the desire to share this with everyone. I have loved seeing a conversion in myself and in everyone here. 

Alma 2:28 "The Nephites being strengthened by the hand of the Lord, having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies, the Lord heard their cries, and did strengthen them. 

The Lord will strengthen us and deliver us from our enemies as we pray!

I have been reading in Genesis about Noah. His obedience was so powerful. The Lord gave him strict commandments and measurements on how to build the Ark and he obeyed with exactness. "Even through difficult times we are never alone if we follow God. The floods of life will eventually settle and we will see the beauty of the gospel in our lives, just like the rainbow that crosses the sky. -Liahona Feb 2014  

Chapter 6:22  "Thus did Noah according to all that God commanded him. 
Chapter 8:1  "And God remembered Noah"
Chapter 9:1  "and God blessed Noah and his sons."

Go to this link and read!

Love you all!!!!!!! :) 

Hermana Barrett <3
Back in the countryside!

We "LOVE" this work!
Hermana Flake from Snowflake!! AZ Hermanas!

Sunset Beauty!

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