{ Good Bye La Plata! } #48

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! 

So today was transfers and I had to leave La Plata.  As hard as it was, like really hard...I think I'm ready for a change! Kind of…

These members were amazing, not only were they great helpers in the work but they were dear friends. I know I'll see them again though!

Hermana Simmons and I got super close this last week. We were working hard and having so much fun. She makes me laugh so much! These last few days after I found out that I was leaving we worked hard to get everything in order for the new Hermana to come. Saying goodbye was SO hard. We have created so many inside jokes in just a short amount of time!! So many funny things happened this week! Sucks when they all just leave my mind at the moment! haha 

Training was an amazing experience. The whole time I was worried if I was doing enough to help her, if I was letting her learn enough things on her own, if I was loving enough, if.... everything! But this week I got a true confirmation that I did absolutely everything that I could have done to help her. President wrote me that I was exactly what she needed. Hermana Simmons thanked me for everything; she said that she loved me, something that didn't normally come out of her mouth! Although we did have a little personality difference, I loved her so much. It was hard to let her go but we gotta let our kids free to fly! She´s super ready!

Friday we were planning and President called... I was shaking, literally shaking, we answered and right after we told him that we were planning for the next week he said, “Hermana Barrett, the Lord has other plans for you. (oh gosh). Hermana, You will be going to Alejandro Korn, Longchamps Stake with Hermana Sosa from Argentina and, you will be serving as Capacitadora.”  Before I could even think I said “Bueno Presidente! Gracias!”  A big change!! The Sister Training leaders are in charge of doing exchanges with a few Hermanas to see how they work, give them advice, encourage them and well, it's a big responsibility! The Lord is giving me another opportunity to serve. I am super excited! Nervous... but excited for this assignment! 

I just got to Alejandro Korn and it's a little town…I don't know too much, just that we also have elders in our ward and the ward is big. I'm going to have to get used to everything being dead again from 2 to 4 (siesta time) and the house seemed like a good mile away from the train station as we were pushing the suitcases! The biceps are growing. Haha It's a walking area because the bikes got stolen... uhhh yeah.. haha  I've also I’ve just been told like a thousand times to “be careful” uhhh Sweet. No worries though!  We’re protected! I am excited to start working this week. Changes are always a little strange but I know that it will be a good week!

Some thoughts:
The nametag of a missionary has three names on it.

Hermana Barrett- I am able to represent my family here as a full time missionary. I am so proud to represent the name of my Father. 

The Church-The members are missionaries as well! The Church has been restored. We are members of His Church. People are blessed by His gospel.

Jesus Christ- Christ’s atonement changes lives. I love knowing that I am a representative of Jesus Christ and his church. I am a disciple of Christ. 

It's a nametag that I have the privilege of wearing for a year and a half. The time I have…It's super short! :) I have found so much joy in taking advantage of every single moment. Pray that I'll make it through this week!!!!!!!! I really wish that I could explain all that happens here but some of it just doesn't have words!

Love you all! Have a great week! :)

Gotta figure out pictures in the new area! 

Romans 8:28

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