{ COMO?! } #47

September 1, 2014

HApPy LaBor Day!

Talking to everyone we meet is just so funny sometimes. Hermana Simmons first time knocking on a door and talking to someone… I understood her but this crazy lady just yells “COMO?!” Like that's a confidence booster! 

The other day we were with a less active and she pretty much has the nicest apartment EVER and we took pictures outside but as we're talking she like starts freaking out and we're like uhhhhh what? and she has to pick up her phone to start doing this counseling session... she is studying to be a counselor so it's like an internship. But we have no idea what to do so we're just sitting there and then all of the sudden the lights go out... so we're even more confused and then she brings out this candle and we're just sitting there on her couch, not knowing what to do but just laughing at the whole experience and finally when she can talk she brought us down the creepy staircase when we were 9 flights up because the elevator didn't work and as soon as we got down the power went back on. Well, so much for THAT visit! We don't have the best of luck. haha

Today I finished the New Testament!  I really enjoyed reading it... it took forever but it's helped my testimony grow a ton and I've learned a lot about the life of Christ and his disciples.  I loved the example of Paul and all of the great parables. The Ten Virgins, The Talents, The Good Samaritan, The Lost Piece of Silver, The Prodigal Son, The Ten Pieces of Money, The Good Shepherd, The Tares and The Mustard Seed. When we plant ourselves into good ground our testimony will grow. My testimony... I'm going to admit was super small… and it's still got a lot of work! I've got a life time for it to grow to it's potential but I really didn't realize the testimony that I really do have until the other day. I was on exchanges with Hermana Tobar from Chile. She is going home in a week and I asked for tips like always and during companionship study we were doing a practice of inspired questions. I struggled through it because sometimes I do think "I just can't do it". It's hard. But at the end of our practice she said... “Hermana Barrett, will you bear your testimony?" I was kind of caught off guard... not many people have asked me that before... I just say what I believe every single day and follow the promptings of the spirit of when to bear it but put on the spot right there... I had to think about it a bit. But then it just flowed…my real testimony of every single thing that I have learned on this journey. I realized that this year here has shaped it so much. I have a strong testimony that happiness comes from living the gospel. Christ lives. God is our loving Heavenly Father and we are his children. 

I have loved this time of being a trainer. It was such a blessing. It was so hard and as I hit a year I'm like I AM SO TIRED! Like is this even possible?!  But yes... it is! And I can do this. I can! Hermana Tobar told me that I should NEVER say I can't do something. Because I can. I know that I can. The Lord has shown me my potential. I have been shown all that I am capable of. I have been blessed within the last few days with a new gift of the spirit. I can recognize it a lot better. I can testify of it better. I don't know why but I have been blessed every day with some new miracle. Just like it says in D&C 64: 33…Progression doesn't end! We are constantly learning and words can't even describe the experiences that I have been blessed to go through. The funny, the bad, the good, the super strange... like really strange.... it's all worth it! 

Today we're going to teach, tomorrow, we are going to teach and guess what... on Wednesday, we're going to teach! Surprise! But every single day is SO DIFFERENT! Seriously, it's totally different, filled with surprises and FILLED with learning experiences! Sometimes I'm like okay.... stop learning! Haha This stuff is rough but it's great at the same time... kind of makes sense but... I'm still here so I must love it! :) 

Someone once asked me... "Do you know why you are with your family?" I was like uhhhh because God sent me to them? I don't know... Deep questions. About a few years later... I now realize it. I am with them for every single reason. If I want some killer advice I go to my Dad. If I need someone to listen and to enjoy all of our girly needs I go to my fabulous mom. If I need computer help or math help or anything that I'm not very good at… haha I go to my super smart brother JT. If I wanna play any sport, or learn about a new phone app or new trend I go to my brother Price. It's incredible how blessed I am to be with the family that I am. The plan of Salvation is real. It's the plan of happiness! Happiness is being with them forever. Que tierno. :)

Love you all so much! Workin’ it up here in La Plata! Transfers are coming up so just throwin out that “I'll go where you want me to go” line! Have a great week! 

Small things ALWAYS bring to pass great things. 

Alma 37:6
1 Nephi 16:28-29
D&C 64:33 

Chau! Hermana Barrett <3

-"Be grateful for the journey."- Marjorie Pay Hinckley

-"Being of good cheer is part of being valiant in the testimony of Christ"
                                                                 -Neil A Maxwell. 
Estadio Unico de La Plata

La Plata Plaza Italia

Another view

And another!
Hermana Simmons

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