{ Doing A 180 } #49

Hi Everyone! 
Yes, I am feeling 22! Thanks for all of the great birthday wishes! Having been transferred to a new area I thought it would be a downer but it was a great day! Fridays are planning days when we plan for the whole week coming up but afterwards we were able to go visit some people and we had a ward family home evening where we played games and everyone attacked me with hugs and happy birthdays... I hardly know anyone.. but It was a good day! Some little kid gave me one of his precious yu gi o cards and other little kids drew pictures.. it was adorable. I felt lots of love. My companion gave me a scripture case and I got a mug from the elders. I LOVED THE GIFTS. #thesimplelife Just another day in the mission field, I did feel very loved :) The Gonzalez family made me a huge cake yesterday too! I did have my cake and eat it too :)

Speaking of my companion... SHE'S AWESOME. We've only been together for a week and we already have a million inside jokes. We teach so well together. There is always room for improvement but we just flow together and we've been talking to everyone and finding new prepared people to teach. It's not too easy to just flat out talk to everyone haha it's scary! But the other day we walked out of the pench and we made a bet where if I talked to the next person we saw she'd buy me an alfajor... haha so... challenge accepted.. then we got all excited and talked to everyone in sight! We want to have this excitement every day and it's something that we want to be able to do a lot of (Talk to everyone.. not eat alfajors) While we are on exchanges this transfer. Hermana Sosa makes me laugh so much. We can talk about everything and we help each other understand the lessons and we help each other improve.. I am improving my Spanish a lot with her and she speaks almost perfect English too! She is from Santiago del Estero.. she's got an accent that has taken me a while to get used to too but she says her r's like sh... strange to describe but it's been a ton of fun being with an argentina.

This week we were able to teach a lot about the importance of ordinances. Many believe that we don't need to go to church to communicate with God or feel his love. Sure, we can pray at home and communicate with him but we can't participate in the blessings of ordinances like the sacrament. Ordinances are symbols, like the sacrament and the atonement and baptism being born again.. as well as representing the death, burial and resurrection that is done through immersion. WE CAN BE CLEAN through these ordinances. We can be more like Christ and participating in them allos us to physically show our inward feelings. I know that this is why it is so important that we endure to the end and that we participate in saving ordinances

I've started reading the old testament! Gen 1:4... God said let there be light, God saw the light that it was good. God divided the light from the darkness. We must always search for the light! :)

"Learning to love as he loves should be our highest goal. The pure love of Christ seeks only the eternal growth and joy of others.- Ezra Taft Benson

I know I've raved about the gospel of Jesus Christ and this week I wanted to share "The Good Samaritan". It describes the pure love of Christ. We are learning every day to not only love the people that love us... but to love and want joy and eternal growth for those that don't love us. It's an eternal struggle! But the way to perfection:)

The other day we were looking for a less active named Christian. All we had was his street so we started doing some contacting and found another Christian who ended up being a new investigator! Christian.. the real one lived next door. I have learned that contacting everyone on the same street helps a lot and it's a good conversation started when you have someone you are looking for! 

Nina is a cute member that is Italian! She cooks for us on Wednesdays and she also watches over her 102 year old mom! I have never seen something so precious. She cooks her her favorite food and treats her like a queen. What patience and love!

This week will be our first exchanges with the other hermanas! I am excited to travel around and see other areas. I am excited to help the other hermanas and to learn from them! Hermana Sosa and I have some great plans and we are excited to get started. Here goes nothing! 

The ward here is big! We had our Ward conference and everyone has missionary name tags like us! It was a huge success and Hermana Sosa and I got to play the piano for the primary kids.. each organization had a song to sing. We played the song together! It's a miracle, I'm picking up piano! What a blessing.. we just sat down and played it haha I can play the right hand like a champ.. throw in the left hand... yeah... forget about it. Good thing Hermana Sosa can play left had chords! My companion and I both love music and we just walk around harmonizing stuff she knows so many songs in English... it's kind of embarrassing because I just sit there and hum them all haha I've never been too good with words! 

So seriously... I've done a complete 180. I am in straight up country.. a little pueblo. I feel like I'm in Cañuelas again! Miles of fields, lagoons, horses, cows, pigs, sheep... in the wild. It was a huge change and it' been interesting getting used to it all but, I like it... new experiences! We walk A TON. I know there are many reasons for why I am here, for why I have given this great opportunity to serve even more as a sister training leader and I am beginning to realize why each and every day. I love the Lords plan for his children. Sé que el Libro de Mormón es verdadero. lo amo. Amo quien soy y quien puedo llegar a ser mediante las cosas sencillas del Evangelio y la expiacion. Ser misionera es maravillosa.

Los Quiero MUCHO!!

Hermana Barrett

Check out this video!

Be the best disciple of Jesus Christ that you can be, then, let him do the rest :)

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