{ Daniel and Florencia's Wedding } #46

August 25, 2014

Hello all!

Is it really Monday again?! How's school going? 

Thanks for all of your prayers! We found some great new investigators this week and really saw a bunch of miracles, they happen, when we try our best to complete all of our goals!

This week we were so excited to go to the wedding of Daniel and Florencia! It all went perfect and we all had a blast. They look so happy together and now that they are married, they know that they can feel the spirit stronger in their house. We are so happy for them, plus... the food display was nice... like 4 times the food than people but hey, we didn't complain! Every time the music got blasted up and the guests went crazy dancing... Hermana Chalupa just showed us funny selfies on her cell phone. We love the members here... they are the best! We had the honor of sharing a scripture at the wedding and sharing our thoughts about marriage. I know that our Heavenly Father is so happy for them and we are so happy to help them along this great journey! Florencia was super tired all weekend and got sick but Daniel got to church right on time for Sacrament!!!! By himself! Atta boy.

Yesterday we sang "Come Thou Fount" in Sacrament meeting... despite the fact that I had a greatttt cold…(Like time number 4 in the mission.. like a skipping record…it just hit me randomly at a less actives house and I used all of their tissues…attractive) . It turned out well (The musical number) and brought a great spirit to the meeting. I love the spirit that hymns bring :)

In district meeting this Tuesday a few of the missionaries were speaking because they are going home at the end of the transfer and they told us about a letter that president wrote to them called "The Last Note" It talks about how there is a pianist that is performing and he had a few small mess ups in the middle of his song but at the end of the piece he hit the last note spot on perfect! He referred it to how we all make mistakes… we all do things wrong at times.. if not every single day! But…It's all about putting all of our effort into everything and ending it out well. No matter how much time is left in the mission, no matter how much time is left in anything, ... make the last note count. BE DILIGENT!

Soledad has started to say her prayers without looking at the front of her Book of Mormon where we wrote the order of the prayers. She is practicing!! Happiness is seeing her spirit grow. 

So in Ward Conference we learned a ton!!  Bishop gave a mathematical analogy and referred it to the gospel... I liked! So basically it's like this. Force= mass times velocity....it's like the gospel. Our force is our testimony. Our testimony depends on a principle (The mass that doesn't change) and that depends on how much acceleration we give it… the velocity or change in acceleration.. The Force varies because our acceleration is our attitude in wanting or not wanting to follow the Commandments. I loved it! If we want a stronger testimony, we have to work for it!

D&C 78:7 For if you will that I give unto you a place in the Celestial world, you must prepare yourselves by doing the things which I have commanded you and required of you.  

  "We are not "earning heaven" we are LEARNING Heaven. We are preparing for it. We are practicing it. " -Brad Wilcox

Donde hay fe, hay amor. Donde hay amor, hay paz. Donde hay paz está Dios. Donde está Dios, no falta nada. 

So we were with the Puyo's the other day sharing a story from Mosiah about the pueblo of Zeniff and the war that went on. We were telling them all about it and we decided to give them a cliff hanger and let them read the rest. Cesar, their son is showing soooo much progress, he is coming to church every week and has even mentioned preparing for the mission and he goes..... "Tell us what happens next"! haha We laughed and everyone waited for the end of the story. The Book of Mormon is great!!

This week we were able to talk to a bunch of people on the street and in the bus and knocking on doors too! We spend a certain amount of time each day searching for new teaching opportunities and to start it all out on Monday we went and contacted a person that we talked to a while ago and he gladly let us in and we taught their whole family with a Hermana from the ward that was out working with us! They accepted a date to return and also are preparing for baptism. Every week is different but this was a great jump start to our excitement for the week. 

Ah so many more great experiences but gotta go!!

Have a great week!!

Con MUCHO Amor- 

Hermana Barrett

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