{ Persevering... Always! } #36

( This is Kendall's June 16th letter, but it didn't send from Argentina, so it is out of order.)

So just another crazy week here in La Plata! And mostly because World Cup has started and I think we felt our apartment building move last night from all of the cheering during the game! I just walk around with my little pocket bracket to fill out when I hear about all of the craziness going on. Everything is decked out with blue and white! Vamos Argentina!  But that's about all the craziness that went on.haha.

Hna Landauro and I had a great week of teaching but so many of our appointments were falling through and the streets were barren and it wasn't all that easy to be outside when the people just don't want anything to do with us.. and to add to that.. three days of pouring rain. Lovely. But, nonetheless, it was a good week. 

We had the opportunity to hear Elder ViƱas speak about The Atonement and how it will effect our lives forever. We all got time to stand up and share our testimonies about how the atonement has affected our missions. I can truly say that I am so grateful for the atonement. I am nowhere near perfect and I know that that's normal to not be perfect! But, through Christ I can be a little better every day. I don't have to deal with guilt, I just have to forgive, and move forward trying every day to be better…trying to change :) I have learned so much in the mission so far. But lots of it can't be written… or typed. It's in my heart and in my mind constantly. I couldn't even begin to start a list of everything I have learned. One thing without a doubt that I have learned is the love that Christ has for us. The greatness of His love. We can love everyone how he did. It's not easy but if we humble ourselves, it's possible. 

I was a little down because honestly we weren't able to visit many people this week or people wouldn't invite us in but every day I see the greatness of missionary work and being obedient. We ate with the family Barrionuevo on Suday. We called them up to see if we could eat with them and they gladly invited us over.  The week before Hna Barrionuevo had to give lunch to both us and the elders. Yesterday we heard that their family had heard from their son in the mission. He told them that they never have lunches with the members.. hardly ever.. but that this past week every day was filled with lunches. Hna Barrionuevo could recognize that this blessing that her son received in the mission was from her service to us as missionaries... but like this story… I know that miracles happen in every aspect of our lives. I LOVE my mission. 

We had a super great Family Home Evening with the whole ward but although only a few people showed up we learned about persevering... always. We played a fun game and I have learned a lot about having priorities in life with the gospel first. How are your priorities looking?

 Hna Landauro left me today and I will be receiving a newbie tomorrow! I am going to train!! I feel super blessed for the opportunity but super nervous and kind of like want to give the opportunity to someone else haha but... We have been given our weaknesses to turn into strengths and I know that I will learn so much through this and I can't wait to LOVE my little hija!! The training process is so great and I will write more next week!

I got to see all my girls at the transfer meeting today and they are loving the Arizona shirts you sent. :)

Have a great week! Love you all so much!

<3 Hna Barrett

Romans 8:28
I finally was able to deliver the Arizona shirts to the Pinamar girls at transfer day!

H Mills

Family Home Evening Group

H Vargas!! 
I finally received the packages held up for months in customs. This a pillowcase and letters sent by the youth in from my home ward...Twelve Oaks 2nd. Thanks guys!!

Familia Barronuevo!

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