{ Becoming Perfect in Christ } #38

Hi all!  Another week in La Plata!

So we've been going to all of the members on the ward list and we found the Barbez family that is now reactivating and we have a family home evening with them in which little 10 year old Alias accepted to be baptized the 12th of July! We gave him his own Book of Mormon and be was so excited that he started reading it right away. The Barbez family is super special. I love the families that we work with. I have grown to love everyone that I serve.  :)

This week Hermana Simmons has been learning about the Restoration and truly I've been learning a lot from our study and practice time too. I have learned a lot about the Apostasy. It's really important that we explain it clearly so that all can truly understand the need of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I really believe that Amos 8:11-12 happened. The people were without the priesthood of God but through Joseph Smith, the priesthood was restored and so was Christ’s church :)

The baptism of Marcelo is coming up this Saturday! The ward is doing so well at inviting him to everything and we are preparing this week for a great experience :) 

I was truly inspired by a talk this week. It is amazing. It is sometimes so hard for me when things don't work out and more than anytime... right now all of my weaknesses are showing! haha As I am trying to help a new sister in the mission field, I am just trying to do my best. Through the atonement we can be perfect one day. But in this lifetime, it isn't possible! We can however start each day fresh. I have learned so much on the mission that when we put forth our best effort, the Lord makes up for the rest, always.  The Atonement is real. Not just that we are forgiven of our sins... but that we can be perfectly imperfect...

I know that I am perfectly imperfect and I give thanks for my Heavenly Father every day for the talents and gifts that I do have. We can be perfect in Christ.

Moroni 10:32-33
Mosiah 4:6
Alma 40:23
Mosiah 5:2
D&C 98:13
Juan 3:17
Mateo 5:48
MAteo 10:39

This week we found a new family. We have been praying a lot to find new families. As we were only teaching the mom of the family, she was kind of brushing us off and then the dad came into the room to listen as well. He became interested in knowing about our beliefs and how he can feel the same way too. We are finding a lot of prepared people. 

We had interviews with President this week and the other thirty minutes we did practices with the assistants. It went so well. Although my companion is still really struggling with her Spanish, she is able to understand some stuff and share a powerful testimony. She brings a great spirit into the lesson with her testimony. I remember how hard it was the first few weeks. Just patience and diligence and not being afraid to mess up is the key! She is terrified to speak but little by little I know that it will get easier for her. 

We've been having a lot of success in the area and I love the ward! This week we had a ward council meeting and as I was trying to tell them that our toilet was broken... none of us could remember what the thing that broke was called so I had to get up and play Pictionary with them haha So I told them that I tried to play plumber and I failed.. and it was super funny. Our Bishop stopped by and fixed it for us plus he bought us cereal to last the whole month! We were so happy and we are truly, truly blessed.

I have loved my time here! Not too many stories, I'm a bit tired but I am happier than ever :) 

Con amor,

Hermana Barrett

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