{ Let Him In } #39

July 7, 2014 

 Yeah... The week was interesting. We had great plans and they'd fall through...like almost always and to end it all Marcelo called on Saturday and said he had a fever... Rainy days mean that there is a rainbow right around the corner right?!

"The Lord has made no secret of the fact that he intends to try the faith and patience of His saints." Niel A. Maxwell

Still working lots on patience and Christ like love. I want more than anything for Hermana Simmons to be comfortable in the field and to be speaking the language! She is doing really well and we are learning lots together! I need to love her more though.

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Flores. My prayers lately have been real bad. I mean, I say I'm grateful for all, ask for things and all that but I'm also thinking about the next days bus route or how I can help Hermana Simmons with her Spanish and all that distracting stuff... I haven't been focused on my prayers for a while. As we taught Marcelo about the importance of really picturing whom we are talking to I thought about it... it's really been 21 years since I have seen my Heavenly Father. If I were to go 21 years without seeing my dad I would die of excitement to talk to him! Why should it not be the same? I've changed my attitude and as I imagine whom I am talking to and as I imagine his love for me. I start to understand the importance of frequent communication with him. I have learned to LET him in. To LET him help me and to LET him answer my prayers in his time and in his way. That brings me peace. He knows me. Letting him in and accepting his love is... refreshing.

"If we would live a principle, we would gain a testimony of the truthfulness of that principle, which would in turn, increase our faith." - Quentin L. Cook.

Marcelo called us Saturday morning with a fever. He said that he can't make it to his baptism but the good thing is that he reminded us about 6 times that it wasn't because he doesn't want to do it or that he is lacking in faith, and that he really feels prepared. Yes. Next week it is! This week we are looking forward to the baptism of Marcelo and Elias :)

Not going to lie, the rain really cramped our style this weekend and when Argentina plays... forget about it. The atmosphere is so great lately though! We were outside when the game finished and everyone was running around waving flags, standing up on moving cars, screaming out of their windows, honking horns... pure bliss. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!! 

It was pretty cool to go back to one of our new investigators houses to only see that she just with ease read the whole 1st book of Nephi. No big deal. She's great. and…prepared.

Hermana Simmons and I have been looking for every way to be able to serve. Our goal for this week. Everyone just says when we ask what we can do for them..."Pray that Argentina wins". Ok.... But we have learned to just start cleaning dishes and help with lunches and little by little service will come!

July 9th is Independence Day!!!!! First we celebrated Canada Day the 1st then 4th OF JULY!!!!  ( We found a 50's diner.) and now here on Wednesday we have a great ward activity planned! They will be cooking an Argentin dish called Locro. Look it up :)

Hermana Simmons is great, this week she really picked up her game and is starting to have more courage. This week she's looked to me lots for words but as I kind of look away... she has found out that she knows a lot more than she thinks! It's been fun being around an English speaker and we are just laughing about all of the strange things that happen every day. She seems to find it super funny that there are just random horses walking in the streets in one of our areas haha. Yeah, I am a little to used to it here now! haha

This week we decided to pray about a street to tract. We both felt Calle 2. First we had to go visit a referral and as we were standing trying to look for the direction, a lady walked out of her door and I'm like... Buen dia!! Then she saw us and was like “Buenas Tardes silly, it's almost dark!”... nice one Kendall.  (Whatever) and then we just started talking to her and turns out her husband had some army mates from the US a good while back and that one time he invited missionaries in! Like 20 years ago! They asked us all about our beliefs and then we set a date to go back to visit them. As we turned the street to walk on Calle 2 we found another woman that was just walking next to it and I just said.." Hace frio, no?" haha Good one…again.  Then we walked a good 8 blocks with her talking about the Restoration and we were lucky to pass her address on to the elders in another area. Just a few 8 blocks down good ol Calle 2. The little things :)

"There must be commitment. There must be devotion. We are winning. We will continue to win if we will be faithful and true. We CAN do it. We MUST do it. We WILL do it. There is nothing the Lord has asked of us in faith that we cannot accomplish. Shall we not also in faith move forward? May we be faithful. May we be valiant. May we have the courage to be true to the trust that God has placed in each of us. May we be unafraid." 
-Gordon B. Hinckley. 

Love you all with ALL my heart!!!

<3 Hermana Barrett :) 

Pictures will be sent next week :) 

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