{ Life Is Like A Camera } #40

"Life is like a camera, Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negative and if things don't work out, take another shot!"

Remember how we were searching for service opportunities? Well… we found tons! We helped Jhenny with her groceries because she broke her foot. Then we helped Florencia put together some of her wedding stuff (Aug 22!) We surprised Hermana Barbez while she was sleeping by cleaning her kitchen, we went and took brownies to Hermana Acoast who is in the hospital every day watching over her grandson.  and we made cookies to bring to the best Bishop who has been working super hard with us because our Relief Society President, Elders Quorum President and Mission Leader just moved. And… we are going to help a member who's house just flooded this weekend. We truly found happiness through looking for service at every opportunity. Paul said in Acts " It is more blessed to give than to receive."  And we saw SO many blessings!  

Although this week was super crazy with the World Cup and tons of our appointments fell through, at least Marcelo got baptized! It was such a great experience. We had about a 45 minute frantic search for white pants but in the end it all worked out! We had everyone write him a little note to put in a book we are going to give him. He was confirmed a member today and I will never forget how happy he said he felt. I love seeing people draw nearer to Christ. It really is the door to eternal life. Like in 2 Nephi 31:19-20 says, it doesn't just stop there, we have to endure until the end.... but endure it with joy! Marcelo has taken the first step…his first covenant with our Heavenly Father. He is already a great member wanting to get involved in everything.

This week I've been a little stressed. I don't know if I'm just not at delegating things out for other people to help me or if I'm just trying to do too much but this week I have made goals to take everything little by little. Hermana Simmons has committed to studying the lessons more and she is progressing really well. But I always find that I am continuing with faith. 

Jacob 3:1-2 <3

This week was the crazy World Cup! Wednesday horns were honking and cars were backfiring until 4 in the morning, but somehow we were able to sleep! It's all over but the argentine pride still goes on! Messi · 10 represents.

The Locro went so well! ( Argentine Stew like dish) We made the Chocolate Fudge Town Cake and it won a prize! :)  We played a "How well do you know your team" Game. 
A matching game to match up all of the players with their last names on the Argentine world cup team. haha It was so funny and we had a huge turn out and many brought their friends too!

This week we walked by this taxi and he cranked up "American Woman" haha

Elias is getting baptized this week and we just taught him the law of tithing by using 10 little pieces of candy and then we taught the Ten Commandments with hand motions to remember them. Hermana Simmons is getting involved in the object lessons :)

Mikaela and Mario went to the baptism Saturday and they also came to church! I have a huge testimony of the power of listening to the spirit. We had a lesson with Mikaela who is so ready to be baptized as well but we couldn't figure out whey she wasn't going to church. We always passed by but no. She gave all these excuses and then there was a silence. We asked, Mikaela, why don't you go to church, really? We were able to help her with some deeper stuff and help her recover from someone that offended her and Sunday we saw her at church! Mario is working on quitting smoking. We have a deal where every time he smokes he has to put it in a specified mug of water and in a week we are going to see how it looks. It's already black. He is starting to get a feel of how bad it is for his body!

This week we visited an inactive family… la Familia Pintos. We entered in and right away the sister was like okay I got 30 minutes only... what do you want to know? We were like uhhhhhh… then Knock, Knock on the door walks in the family Barrionuevo. We invited them as a surprise. So then the sister and her husband brought out the snacks, and the Mate (That's when it gets real) and they talked for a little and then we shared a scripture and invited them to church. The work is a little easier with the members :)

My Book of Mormon studies have been centered on the words of Isaiah in 2 Nephi. I loved it. The Chapter that stuck out to me most was in Chapter 22. Short but so great. The Lord is always at our side. All we need to do is call to him. I can truly say that he is my strength, my song and he has become my salvation.

If we just have faith and stay true to it. Really true.

I learned a lot from Hermana Simmons this week. We were talking about why it is so hard for people to get their answers or to recognize them. Really she said that every experience that she went through when she needed an answer she already knew what the right choice was or what the answer could be and all she really needed to ask was "Heavenly father, this is right isn't it? That is when we can feel the burning feeling of the Holy Ghost in our hearts. Many of the people in the Bible and the Book of Mormon that needed huge signs were the people that weren't very close spiritually with God like Saul and Alma and so on but really when we have the knowledge, we just need to ask and wait and if we don't feel it, ask again WITH FAITH.

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Without faith our prayers are just merely words. With faith our prayers connect with the powers of heaven and can bring upon us increased understanding, hope and power. If by faith worlds were created, then by faith we can create and receive the righteous desires of our heart." -Joseph B Wirthlin

"Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the high priest of things to come." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it." -Henry B. Eyring

Act on that twig and have a little more faith this week :) I will be right there with you doing it! :) 

Love you all so much! Have a great week! :) <3

-Hermana Barrett

* No pictures this week. The computer somehow put a virus on her SD card. But she will figure it out eventually!

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