{ Country Girl Goes Big City! } #30

Saturday night we got a late night call from our Zone Leaders saying that Hermana Castillo is going to be transferred to Claypole and Hermana Barrett... La Plata... and Cañuelas is now only going to be one companionship so Hermana Vargas stayed with Hermana Anaya! AHHHHHHH Crazy stuff! And I wasn't expecting to leave... so I just laid on my bed like a dead person trying not to think about packing. (yuck) BUT... That was just Saturday.

This week… wow.. what a week! It flew by and every day I had a little feeling like I'd leave but then I was just like ehh no way I'm staying.. WRONG.

I learned so so so much in Cañuelas. It's incredible. I have an infinite love for this Gospel. It has helped me discover who I am and through that I have been able to share it with everyone that I come in contact with. Love it!  I learned to always continue, love those who hate you, an attitude change changed everything, trying to bring happiness to everyone brings ME the most happiness, The Lord has his timing, EVERYONE has their agency, little miracles happen daily.

I loved Cañuelas and I loved the members so much.

Literally I think something bad happened every single day. Like this week the bike getting robbed...  But... it taught me diligence! The faith has grown so strong as well. It leads everything in this life, I promise :) Moroni 7: 26 & 33

Oh fun news! I went to the hospital this week! Fun fun! It was super fast and I felt like I was going through a drive through with how fast they did an ultrasound on practially todo de me cuerpo and they took blook. Turns out I got some problems with digesting... yum and kidney stones! Woo Hoo! But it's all good because the other day I accidently ate some really good kidneys asado style… I'm all cured now.  I'm drinking jugs of water. And everything is good! Hermana Vargas and I took a little vacation to the Hospital in Temperley.

Cañuelas was beautiful… the fields... the animals... the people…Gorgeous. Now my new area is called La Plata... I'M in LOVE!!! I just got here a few hours ago but yeah haha love it :) and my companion! She was in my district in the coast so I already knew her! She is from Peru and is super sweet! Loving the mission and ready to live the city life! No more bikes, it's walking time. Big changes but I know there is lots to do here! Excited to work lots with the less actives because we have been assigned a pilot project …only four missions have been assigned this pilot program! We are only counting number of baptisms and number of less actives that return to church and have callings.. Super excited to see the outcomes! 

Here in La Plata we have lunches with members every day! In Cañuelas we were scraping and digging for food. Sacrament bread? Let me at it! (haha okay it wasn't that bad.) I literally died when I saw the meal calendar!  I think I'm going to like it here :)  

I love every day trying to learn more about the gospel. Striving to become a better teacher. I truly have learned to love this mission more than anything and no matter where I am placed, I am more than happy to serve my Savior. Christ is my best friend, always at my side and I love learning every day a little more how to be like him so that I can bring others to this happiness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all SOOOO much and can't wait to hear from you next week! Here goes a new start in the city!!!

If you're looking for happiness (you all should be) Follow the lead of Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

2 Nephi 5

5:27- "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness"

5:6---- Family
5:10---- Obedience
5:11----Planting and Animals (Hello Cañuelas)
5:16----The Temple

and... Read the talk "After the Manner of Happiness" creo... (Thanks Mom)

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Barrett
Chalk Art 
(I'm sure this has deep meaning, so come back after Sunday when she explains it! haha)
Holy Cow!! ...We're getting desperate! haha
Cañuelas-land of nothing for miles!
Hna Lilian is a less active sister that came to church & told me after she heard my testimony she will be coming to church every week now!
Familia Delgato- The new family we found at the Supermarket! Miracles!
H Vargas helping me pack
Goodbyes are extremely hard! :'(
I'm in the city now...Mundia!!
I seriously can't believe it! Lunches every daaaaaay!!
View from my new apartment
Let me introduce you to my new companion...Hermana Landauro

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