{ Life can be a Scavenger Hunt } #29

Hello there loves!

It was another great week here in Cañuelas!

This week we saw more and more miracles!! The new family that just moved into the branch are so happy about going to teach lessons with us! THAT is the key to missionary work! MEMBERS! We don't get it too often but when we are blessed with someone who is available and willing to go with us we almost cry for the blessings that it brings! 

We had a great branch activity this weekend where we did a scavenger hunt of a whole bunch of random things... and the things were hid well! After each team finished, they had to relate everything that they found to the gospel. It was super fun and after sharing some scriptures about our desire to "search" for the truth through the scriptures…the whole branch accepted the challenge to start and finish the Book of Mormon before General Conference in 5 months! Woohoo!

I'm loving the language more and more every day and my personality is finally able to shine through a bit more now that it's not such a huge barrier. Not many people take me for someone from the United States now…haha it's kinda funny! 

We have found a few new investigators but it's gotten harder. We are out working all day and trying to help and teach and serve everyone but we know that blessings come from the hard work! The branch is growing in strength every day and we are so happy to be in Cañuelas no matter how hard it is at times! We hang in there and find every way to work and be happy! 

My companion is a rock star! Transfers are coming up and we have no idea what will happen! Hoping nothing will change but prepared for anything... kind of!

John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Hows the PMG going?! (Preach My Gospel)

<3 Con mucho amor <3 
 Hermana Barrett!!
Busqueda del Tesoro! 
I think this is the branch...a congregation of church members... like a ward, but smaller.
La Zona
Cañuelas Four
Queso de Chancho...cut up ears and nose and the best pieces of fat you can find... I just don't ask anymore...haha

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