{ Be Strong! Have Courage! } #31

Hola Amigos! 

How is everyone! Well, I know how the family has been for the past 5 months because I got to Skype home yesterday! Happiest Mothers day of my life!! Best day of my life! I loved seeing everyone's faces and throwin’ down a bit of Spanglish for ya!

This week we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find busses and figuring out the numbers of streets! It's all numbers and then they wanna throw us off by putting in some random diagonals... It's pretty fun getting lost, but we're getting the hang of it! I try to make sure to let my companion know that getting lost is how we learn sometimes! haha I still don't know lots about the area and she's been here for a month and a half now so.. we'll see how it all goes! The members are great here and I just love the feeling of living in the middle of the city! It's a whole new feeling!

The other day we stumbled upon a house and decided to knock. She answered and later on we find out that she’s a member that hasn’t been visited in more than 7 years by the missionaries. She isn't on the records because she used to live in another part of the Plata. Man, the Lord sure does lead us to miracles!

I finished the Book of Mormon again yesterday and my testimony of its truth has grown so, so strong. I know that it helps the lives of everyone!

Then yesterday I was studying a bit in Joshua. A little bible study for you all!

Joshua 1

"Be Strong and of a good courage"

In verse 6, 7, 9 and 18 that statement is repeated. Be Strong! Have Courage!

In verse 15 it says that we should work until we receive our rest… our eternal life!

In verse 16 the obedience of Joshua is so inspiring and I loved comparing it this to 1 Nephi 3:7 in the Book of Mormon. Both great examples of obedience!

18... Only be strong and of good courage no matter what circumstances you're in! 

Like Joshua we are commanded to meditate the scriptures, keep the commandments and to be of good courage! Our Heavenly Father never commands anything that cannot be accomplished! 

Love you all with all of my heart and I am so happy to be living life, and  changing lives…Especially mine!...and every person that I get to meet here in La Plata!!

Have a great week!!

Read this talk! Soo good!

Your Homework! (Christ like Attributes quiz and chapter in Preach My Gospel)

Con Amor
<3 Hermana Barrett
Skyping my loves on Mothers Day!

A man we taught who had lived in the US had Maple Syrup and made us pancakes!

Aunt Paula and Cousin Nicole!

While teaching an investigator, I saw a Guinea pig just running around the house! haha I grabbed him and held him...probably to the amazement of everyone! This is "Manchito". I then told them all about the many Guinea Pigs we had as pets.

We're in the city now, so yep... This is McDonalds!!

At least THEY still serve chocolate!!

My brothers... J.T. and Price

Loving my new Companion!

Goodbye hugs from Mom and Dad.
See you on Christmas Day!

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