{ How are you using your "Four Minutes"? } #26

So first off… Seeing the World Report about the Gilbert Temple Celebration and the actual Temple Dedication made me cry... Not because I miss home, not because of missing out on the opportunity of seeing it live, but... because I saw the beauty of the temple, the love that everyone has for this gospel, the persistent faith of the performers and the unbelievable opportunities for missionary work that are going to arise from it! My love for the gospel just grows. The rain?! Seriously… could Arizona be more blessed?! We all know Arizona's greatest blessing is rain! Any way, insert my great pic here hugging the TV when I saw the temple… Whenever that is that I can send pics! haha

Yes, I saw ALL of conference and since there are about 15 of us from the US, we had our own private room all in English!

So was it just me or was Arizona and Buenos Aires mentioned a lot?! Represent

As Neil L. Anderson said, "Listen to these things as if the Savior said it himself."
 I say this because whether you are a member of this church or not, I know that the things said in General Conference can bless everyone's life like it has blessed mine. 

Here are some of my favorite tidbits:

  • ·      Sometimes it's difficult to be a missionary
  •     It's hard to stand up to someone for your beliefs, to go on a mission, to make the right choice… but is it worth it? YES!!
  • ·      Hate is an ugly word
  • ·      We all want an easy, no worry, demand-less life AND God... REALLY?!
  • ·      “What would Jesus do?” doesn't always bring a popular response.
  • ·      If ye love me, keep my commandments.
  • ·      Christ-like love is the greatest need on this planet; pure Christ-like love can change the world.
  • ·      Respond with love
  • ·      Serving others teaches us and helps us to love what the Lord loves
  • ·      The sacred service of bearing one another’s burdens brings the greatest joy. 
  • ·      No other thing or person should ever take precedence in a marriage over your spouse.
  • ·      If you are free from sin yourself, don't take upon yourself the sins of others.
  • ·      The greatest filter of everything filthy is a pure testimony of Christ.
  • ·      Daily scripture study, Prayer and weekly Family Home Evening is the solution to everything.
  • ·      The whirlwinds of life prepare us and strengthen us if our foundation is on the rock of our Redeemer.
  • ·      God has never changed the laws to fit the world.
  • ·      The Book of Mormon is the most powerful testimony of Christ. 
  • ·      Righteousness must be chosen.
  • ·      Are we securely tied to God?
  • ·      All men have their fears but those who face their fears with faith have courage also. 
  • ·      Check your expectations and serve the Lord first.
  • ·      Share what you know because you know that it's true.
  • ·      BE GRATEFUL IN every circumstance.
  • ·      There are no endings in the plan, only everlasting beginnings.
  • ·      The gospel is not a checklist of things to do, but it lives within us. It's not a weight, it's wings.
  • ·      Material isn't eternal.
  • ·      The truth will always be opposed.
  • ·      Have absolute faith in the driver.
  • ·      Think about how you're using your 4 minutes.

I loved the overall message of optimism during conference and as the Presidency says "All things will work out!" We never need to worry! These were just some of my favorite messages from conference this weekend and I was filled with so much joy knowing that everyone at home and in the world was listening to it as well! 

"Oh sweet, the joy this sentence gives, I know that my redeemer lives!"
The Savior is not only the Savior of the whole world but he is MY Savior.

The only way to go about life is to be positive! Love every single moment of life my favorite people! If you are struggling… SMILE!! If you are just having the best day ever…SHARE IT!! and in any circumstance…LOVE AND SERVE!

I love this gospel and I am so glad that I chose to serve these “4 minutes” I have on the earth… this year and a half in Argentina serving a mission. So much in my life may always be the same but this is an opportunity that has changed my life! It has changed my outlook on everything! I've got the same friends, the same sense of humor, the same love for fashion, food, my friends, sports and everything else that I've been blessed with but the one thing that was lacking before is what I've got now to complete that empty space, and that is my infinite love for my Savor and his gospel. J

People are slamming doors in our face and embarrassingly running back out (after slamming the door!) to get their dog that ran away, haha (amateur hour!)

 As for the bikes? I’m working on patience DAILY and love for the bike repair man.

 We're taking Missionary packets to all the members this week with Books of Mormon and pamphlets and Preach My Gospel books. (everyone's gotta start studying now!)  I invite everyone to study "My Purpose" in PMG this week and let me know how it went! We're all missionaries and the best thing about Conference is... after conference when we are all strengthened to do better, be better and help better! I've learned more about Jov, Listening, Gratitude, Patience, Seeing the brightness of the future and Replacing Fear with Faith.  I may joke all the time about how a situation was the worst ever or that I wanna just roll up into a ball and die or that I just wanna run off a cliff and say “I surrender!” when people can't understand my Spanish but... seriously... Life's a lesson, a test, a learning phase that I'm really learning to enjoy! No experience can break my positivity! I hope that everyone can be more grateful this week. Read Uchtdorf’s talk on gratitude (I think it was) and apply all to your life! 

I love you all infinitely and I hope that you have the best week ever! Talk next week and yeah LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

<3 Hermana Barrett

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