{ Tobias in Cañuelas! } #25

Family and to all those that take part of these emails... :)

I'm alive and it's a miracle!! 
Not really, but I seriously thought I was going to die this week and be super lost and want to just give up with the map but.... it didn't happen! These 8 areas ain't got nothin’ on us!! After Monday night, everything went super well and I figured out I didn't need the map.  I really did know my area and I really do know the members and in fact…I'm now just in love with Cañuelas! Also, my new companion is the best!! Hermana Vargas automatically became my friend when we were talking to a man on the street that wanted to take up 20 minutes of our time reciting scriptures and singing us gospel jams and I looked at her and she was having the hardest time trying not to laugh... yeah, we get along SUPER well. I love teaching with her. She's been a member for 2 years and she's so smart! She has 5 months in the mission. She's such an example for me and we've been having a lot of fun together learning and teaching!

She called me Vanilla one day... hahaha

When we are going to people’s homes, if someone shuts the door on us we just laugh it off because I´ve taught her the strategy of after clapping at the door, you gotta wave so they think that we've spotted them... they think we can't see the peep hole go dark and then light again. Also, when they say "Quien sos?!" you just gotta say "Nosotras"!! Haha  We've found a ton of new people this week and the investigators that we have are progressing, but super slowly. We've been blessed this week with lots of new and prepared people! 

Tobias was just so chipper at his baptism! I'm so sad I can't send all the pictures but these will do from my companion’s camera! The baptism was great and a whole bunch of members came. We had to travel 30 minutes to the church with the baptismal font too. But we felt the spirit so strong and I already know that Tobias is such a great example for his family. He will be able to receive the priesthood and I know that there will be a different feeling in the Perez home. He's a super smart kid and he just reminds me of my brothers as he was explaining his favorite video game the other day! Love it. 

The happiness that I have out here is indescribable! I have a love for Cañuelas and all of it's people. It's home for now and we're super excited to work off our pasta this week! I'm so happy to share the gospel and see the people take the step of change.

Since 14 people came to church this week because of the rain, we quickly prepared lessons…not only this week but almost every week we have the blessing of doing so. At first I'm like uh.... someone else please. But then I feel so happy for serving. 

So my eyes were super red and puffy the other day and for like 2 weeks persistent from my allergies... but the other day we planned to head to the hospital/clinic in the morning and at night we prayed lots because I didn't want to go. Then, in the morning... It was all gone! I put in some new contacts and felt good to go! End of story and prayer works! Do it!


So our bikes think their super funny and they stop functioning like every other day... seriously it's getting to be comical.

Apparently I'm Brazilian and I have a Brazilian accent... along with my companion... cool! 

My packages are probably being enjoyed by the customs peeps right now but oh well, thanks for all the treats being sent and all the sweet cards! I promise to write back and I love reading them all! The world back at home gets to be a blur at times but I never forget all of my loves!

Oh and apparently tambien I'm a famous actress from some old movie of Argentina and my companion is a famous old singer from Paraguay... says Don Carlos of 84 years... so catch us in our new hit music video!

Any free time we have I read the Book of Mormon. Right now I'm reading lots in Alma and reading in Spanish! It's crazy how fast one can learn a language in the mission. Read with me, you'll be blessed! (But in English) Alma is such an example to me… sometimes we have to be blind of the world to recognize the spiritual world and the many blessings that Heavenly Father has to offer us! I love finding myself while helping others. 

This is the restored Church of Jesus Christ. I know it and can see it. I know it, live it and love it! The need for priesthood ordinances is clear. Recognizing answers from the spirit are tough sometimes but when we are looking for them, they will arrive at our doorstep! Nothing can replace this year and a half I've got out here!!

Super excited about General Conference on Saturday and Sunday! 

(General Conference is a series of four, 2 hour meetings where the prophet and many other church leaders speak about various religious topics to members and non-members, who can watch it on TV, computer (lds.org) and at church buildings all around the world. Cable and satellite networks carry it, including BYU TV. This  Conference is held twice a year in early April and October.  Foreign countries have translators to translate for their congregations, so Kendall will hear it for the first time in Spanish! So cool!)

Have the best week, all my favorite people!!!!! :)

 <3 Hermana Barrett
My area...don't tell me learning this wouldn't stress you out just a bit! haha 

The Perez Family!
Tobias...a great example!

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