{ Six Months Just Like That! } #21

Hi all!!!! :)

This weekend we had our Zone Conference with President Thurgood. It was the best meeting yet and we learned a lot to apply to the mission. It's always like an energy drink power talk to keep us going and working hard! The most touched on topic was repentance. Baptisms are great and we are to bring everyone to this path of the gospel but true conversion is possible through repentance. The greatest missionaries Alma (son), Alma, Aaron and Amulek all preached repentance so that baptism wasn't just a life event but an event that changed lives. We need to talk to everyone. Each missionary is told to talk to at least 10 people every day and it is promised that at least one of them will accept to hear the message of the restored gospel. Although most say they are Catholic, Roman and a bunch of other names…our purpose is to invite and strengthen the faith of everyone and many accept. We are to teach the understanding of the baptismal covenants in D&C 20:37 and in doing this DROP ALL PRIDE.
The purpose is to strengthen the church and to do that we are to bring all to Christ. The men to strengthen the family with their priesthood and the woman to build an army of Helaman.

This week we've been studying about the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. Since I've hit 6 months (huh?) my goal is to focus a lot of my studies in how great of a teacher Christ is.

In Luke 15 Jesus is teaching the "sinners" and the people around him are stunned at what they are seeing and they say, "this man receiveth sinners" Christ, to explain the doctrine to them tells them the parables of the Lost Sheep, the piece of silver and the Prodigal Son.  He repeats after each one that "There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth" because which was lost is now found. It's fascinating all that Christ did to teach the people. Now ALL OF US are trying to follow his example.... hard task but… a little more possible every day!

In John 4 Christ is walking and comes to the City Sychar and he sat at a well because he was just tired (Christ gets tired too) He asks for a drink and the woman says that he being a Jew shouldn't be talking to someone as low as her… a Samarian. But Christ goes on to talk about the gospel and "Living Water".  The woman cannot retrieve water for Christ but Jesus goes on to talk about that it's okay... I can give you eternal water that you will never thirst again. 

Christ is a stud. 

I'm not going to find a random well or find a lost sheep (well, maybe in CaƱuelas ) or lose a silver coin or anything like that but relating everything to the blessings of eternal life with our Heavenly Father can be done. Christ is our example and as we try every day to be more like him, that's when we see success.

Love it.

This week was great and I'm loving the time that I have here with Hermana Villena! Every day learning something new and seeing the happiness in the people we teach and help is priceless. 

President Villareal (our Branch President) invites us to lunch every Sunday and it's the best! The food but also… his family is just like mine! The little boy is just like Price and they make super good cheesecake. Winning.

Love my investigators, Love the members here, Love the work and Love that I get to change every day into the person that teaches better, listens better, loves better and lives better like my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Like I said… it's priceless.

Love you all so much and I hope that you have an AMAZING week! Hope you feel uplifted, hope you feel excitement to continue on in all that you're doing and most of all… I hope that you feel the love of Christ and our Heavenly Father. He hears your prayers…( Well sometimes prayers for it to not rain during the temple celebration is turned and twisted into another answer haha :))

Enjoy time with the family everyone and for those on their missions, enjoy every day!  Hope to hear from everyone next week! :)

Con amor para siempre,

Hermana Barrett

"The Savior is our example of unselfish service. His perfect life was devoted to serving Heavenly Father and all of His Father’s children. The united purpose of the Father and the Son is to give all of us the gift of immortality and the blessing of eternal life" -Henry B. Eyring
Six Months into my mission cake. I received it a day before I could eat sweets again. My companion enjoyed it.

Riding the train

Helping a less active member get her business going so she can get her life in order and also start coming to church again.
(This is Kendall's writing…Cami Webb would be proud! ;)

Early Morning Lovelies

RM sister in the middle served in the same mission as Natalie Sargent in Chile!
They knew each other but not sure if they served together.

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