{ Barrio Municipal } #22

March 9, 2014

Hi Everyone!
This week we headed to our 8th area, Barrio Municipal, to draw a map and find a bunch of new people! We found an inactive family that agreed to have a Family Home Evening this week with us! It makes me so happy to see the families happy in the gospel.

Rain twice a week is just super normal now so yeah haha.

We've got the running crew up and running at 6:30 in the morning again!

Hermana Villena made homemade alfajores! We are getting along so well and are having a great time together. She is a great example to me. She is a super great missionary and at times I feel super stupid for not knowing certain things haha but I love learning at the same time :) I have learned that I am no where near perfect but hopefully every day I can become a little bit more who the Lord wants me to be. :)

Today we got to go to a festival of all different kinds of foods from different countries for lunch in the center of CaƱuelas! Hermana Villena got her Peruvian food! P days are great :)

We have started to teach the son of Monica, one of our investigators and I love teaching and feeling the love for the gospel through the happiness I can see in others!

Dayana and Rene are getting married! We had one lesson with them in the beginning of the transfer and could never find them home any other days but this week we caught them in their house and they announced that they are getting married. They said that although they have many trials, they realized that it's the way of the Lord. I love this mission. 

Ana our new investigator lives about 15 minutes biking from our house but we got up early Sunday morning to pick her up for church. It was a long walk but she was up and ready and enjoyed every minute of it! 

I love seeing the determination that these wonderful people have to follow Christ. :)

I have loved learning about the example of Alma the younger. Alma 5. He is such an example for all of us. He went through a great change of heart and went into full on preach mode with all of the people. What an example of true faith. J

I have really enjoyed learning to teach the gospel simply and it has brought me to realize the simplicity of the gospel. 

When we humble ourselves...trust in God...Keep the commandments and are faithful until the end... we will be blessed with eternal life. Christ suffered for US and he is the light and life of the world. 

I know that there is a true power in the scriptures. in 1 Nephi 19:23 it talks about how we can apply every scripture to our lives. It is so true and the more we study the scriptures, the more we can help others know of it's

Quote for the week:

"Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the high priest of good things to come. Keep your eyes on your dreams, however distant and far away. Live to see the miracles of repentance and forgiveness, of trust and divine love that will transform your life today, tomorrow, and forever."
                                                                  -Jeffrey R. Holland

Love you all so much!!!!!!! Have a great week :)

Hermana Barrett

Train station

Dulce de Leche Everything!!

International Festival-Swiss Booth

Taiwan ?

Milanesa con Huevo Frito

Interesting Corn Patty

District Abba??

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