{ Do Not Stop To Smell the Roses! } #20

Hola!! Or as all the people say to us here with the name tags is “bye bye.” Haha They all think we’re from the US!  This week was another good week full of ups and downs but I’m enjoying living here in Cañuelas. It’s definitely new and different from Pinamar but I’m learning lots every day.

So I found out I’ve got a really bad habit… according to all from Peru. I smell everything. I’ve always done it and now I just don’t notice it but my companion brought it up after two weeks that smelling things is like the worst thing to do in Peru. If you smell something that means you think it’s gross. So I’ll take back all those times I’ve smelled her cooking haha I was like Uhhhh Oooops! But she just laughs at it now and I make a joke out of it.

Monica is one of our investigators and we’re working with her lots to help her stop smoking. To support her in the next two weeks we’ve given up stuff that we think we can’t go a day without! My comp gave up her obsession for corn flakes… and I gave up sweets. It’s rough but this week we’ve really discovered how hard it is to give up something and when you want it… you can’t have it! It’s nothing like a cigarette but it’s something! There are so many great people that are wanting to change their lives for the better J She’s my idol.

We did a lot of service this week and pulled about a million weeds in Yolanda’s back yard. We were happy to see her and her boyfriend at church this Sunday!

My companion and I get along well but I can tell that she misses her trainer a lot and at times I just feel super hated on, but it’s okay, for the most part we get along well and we’ve been working hard and well together!

Ps…found peanut butter: Check

Well, I sent a good amount of pictures today so it’s a short one but I’m good here… The Church is TRUE and I love the work!!!
Read your scriptures…they’re good for you.

Love you all so much and enjoy the temple dedication!! Hopefully I can find it on LDS.org next Monday!! :)

Love Always con mucho amor,
Hna B.
Romans 8:28

Quote of the week:

"Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier."

                                                                                -Thomas S Monson

I am not even going to mention the many types of bugs I am encountering here...
Before the weeding

After the weeding

Glasses Sunday

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