{ Cake Smacking } #14

Hi all!!
Life is great as always here!!
So we started out this week with absolutely no water for two days!.. Yeah... horrible… Woohoo! But no worries, we got through it and we've got the church super near to get water and families in the branch helped us out too! Then we got rain, so water in both ways! It's Hot hot hot here! But I feel at home. I absolutely love living here. The branch has become my family and I can't imagine ever leaving!

We just got back from a wedding of two investigators of the other Hermana's and they are getting baptized this weekend! No one is married here, all just living together... so that makes it another lesson to teach about the importance of marriage by law and then eternity! 

We celebrated Hermana Figueroa's birthday pretty much every day this week and we have enough cake in the fridge to feed the whole town. Oh and I'm a huge fan of the Argentine tradition of smacking the face of the birthday girl in the cake... three times and I'm still not sick of it! 

We are getting along really well. We definitely have our differences and times of disagreements but for the most part we are getting along! She's been training me a little more and we've been on fire with our daily work. 

We are planning for baptisms soon so keep us in your prayers!! Marianella, Fanny, Gabi and Alexis and Valentina! Pinamar is prepared!

I got to do exchanges with another Hermana from Utah and we had fun speaking in English together but saying the prayer at night in English was almost impossible! So weird! She hadn't tasted Argentine ice cream yet so... We reached all of our goals for the day and I introduced her to the goodness. 

We taught a crazy girl the other day... scariest day of my life but.. she now knows she's a Child of God! 

Staying strong, smiling through the trials and loving it here!

Love you all so much! My computer worked at the speed of a snail today so better letter next week!! :) Have a good one!


Hermana Barrett

The first of many cakes

Happy Birthday Hermana Fig!

Cake Smack-down!

Exchanges-My English was tested!

When people aren't home we leave notes. I knew my handwriting skills would come in handy someday!

Familia Turca and Investigator Gabi

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