{ 2014 Cambios! } #13

Hello family!!!
So the New Year has brought changes but great changes! It's still super hot and Pinamar is so CROWDED with tourists! The lines in the supermarket are out the door!

I am now companions with Hermana Figueroa! Her birthday is tomorrow so we'll get to celebrate a bit for that! I told every family we know around here that she likes Oreos and Milanesas so this should be funny... haha.  She's also from Chile like Hermana Rodriguez and she has been on the mission for about 11 months. She speaks absolutely no English... well she can say she's hungry and see you later. I guess that's a bit. haha. She is the Sister Training Leader for our zone so I am helping her with exchanges and also we attend Skype meetings with all of the other Sister Training Leaders! 
She's a hard worker and although it's different with the change of companions, we are becoming good friends as well :)

The first couple days together were a disaster. I felt like a tour guide describing every house..direction... member from the branch and investigator. At one point I just wanted to feed my planner to all the dogs around here and run away! But I guess it doesn't work that way. Instead I've been put in this position to learn lots! At first Hna Figueroa just stared at me blankly when obviously I needed Spanish help... my mind was racing with thoughts about who we were going to visit, what we are going to do about both of our broken credit cards...(no, this isn't SOS for money... I'm fine haha) and when we were going to get a ward mission leader (which we now have!)  Stress is not fun but my companion is learning the area too so we're having fun together! Hermana Rodriguez was like my mom and it's just like I was stripped from her arms when she left! But this is good…I'm learning every day! 

After 2 days of a bit of confusion and a lot of stress... we are on fire! This week we found a bunch of new investigators, preparing for baptisma and I literally cried as we were riding our bikes up to the church and we saw Eva  with her grandson Luca that we have been teaching. As well as when a family we had been waiting for walked into the chapel. Investigators showing up at church is the best feeling ever! We have seen miracle after miracle this week. 

The family Vancilla (20 peeps) starting with 2 of them and a bunch of kids came to church and although they had to leave after sacrament meeting, they said that they loved attending and that they can't wait until next week. Also they told us to pass by any day to teach them. I have a true testimony that these people are put into our paths so we can help them.

We've started to run!!! I felt like Forest Gump this morning... I could have run all day! My comp is totally down to run a bit and watch me be free when she doesn't want to run haha I've never been so excited to wake up at 6:30!

This quote describes my week…

"We need to be creators of circumstances, not creatures of them."
                                    -M. Russell Ballard

Leading a new, non-English speaking person around was hard but it's the best and the fastest way to learn! I love my area... LOVE Pinamar and am loving the new changes!

Super happy and remembering to take every day one day at a time! :)

Love you all so so much! Have a great week!

Con Amor,

Hermana Barrett
Our "Mini-Missionaries"! They showed us around the neighborhood to 10 of their friends' homes!

We had to clean the church this week and I got to dispose of a lovely pile of grossness that someone put on the fan outside of the church... 

A. Contrerez dancing with her kids.


Getting Crazy… Skype Profile Pic! haha

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