{ Humble Pie } #15

Hi everyone!

It's super hard to believe that it's Monday again! The time flys soooooo fast! 

This week was a little bit different than any other week because the other day we all discovered that we had a bunch of little friends in our hair.... yep it's the season of lice. The kids share by just touching you and everyone treats it like the plague. We walked into the farmacia and my companion whispers to the pharmacist ,"You got anything for lice?" (with her hand half way covering her mouth) and the lady behind the counter goes “Yeah... lice, no biggie!” in a super loud voice. I'm like... okay no big deal…but my companion looked like she had just seen a ghost... the most embarrassing moment in her life! haha So many things to laugh about every day! The same thing happened to the other sisters in their farmacia but the way Hermana Diaz describes it makes it seems like everyone was running away with gas masks. She's exactly like Raven, from the Disney Channel show... literally, I die laughing with her!  But the moral of the story is... I'm healthy, the bugs should be gone soon and don't let lice-infected kids touch you!  Now if a kid starts talking to me, instead of looking them in the eyes, I'm searching their head! They've all got em. Don't worry! I'm okay!

So also, I forgot to mention that it's literally 5 million degrees over here. I'm loving the sun but my companion isn't used to this heat yet. ( haha thank you Arizona.) so we take breaks all the time so she can stop hallucinating and catch her breath. Then we get some ice cream. 

Oh Dulce de Leche McFlurrys are super good. 

We had some great experiences this week with our investigators. We visited an investigator from a long time ago named Lady. During our lesson she started literally reciting the Bible and we were just like uh.... you're amazing! She's 19! We had a great lesson and she came to church this Sunday and is working towards baptism! 

I love talking to the people on the streets! Sure my Spanish isn't perfect but hey... It's working!

We had an urgent Zone Meeting the other day and they wouldn't tell us the reasoning! We thought of everything possible... Christ is coming!... They’re closing the coast area…we're getting cars... everything! But we found out something even better!  We're getting more money for food monthly and.... We're going to the temple in Buenos Aires on the 7th as a zone! I couldn't be happier! 

We keep finding new people to teach and I know that this week will be even better! I have a great love for teaching and learning every day!

But sometimes, learning is hard. I've come to realize that Latins have their own way of saying things and you just can't take offense. I'm not perfect one bit but this week I was put in my place with little things that I need to improve by my companion.  Every day there was something more. Can we just start making a list companion? But, although it was hard to hear, I've learned a lot. I've learned how to plan better, I've learned how to use my time more wisely and I've definitely learned to use my patience constantly! In my studies this week I focused a lot on this and this is what I found....

Ether 12:27
3 Nephi 27:27
Alma 26:12

I am not perfect and I know that as I am humble, my weaknesses can become strengths because after all, in this life we are all just trying to be a little more like Christ right? Homework for you all! :) 

Love you all to pieces and I hope you have a fantastic week! :)

The Gomez's got married this week and got baptized too! We are going to start teaching their family because they are in our area.

Wedding Planners/Party Girls
Repairing hymnbooks this week on exchanges with Hermana Pomader from my zone.  How are the books so ripped up!? 
Some aggressive singing going on! haha

Fruit…Glorious Fruit!

We love Fruit Stands!

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