{ Listening to the Spirit } #11

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals!! Haha 
(This may be obvious,but it's a quote from"Home Alone")
This week was fun filled with lots of Christmas cheer. 

On Wednesday I had my first zone conference where Hermana Rodriguez and I were in charge of the lunch. You know we went big! A member from the ward helped us fry up Miloneseas, we had the sides delivered and ice cream delivered as well! It was a hit! At the conference, we learned all about how to pretty much do everything better in "Preach my Gospel" and it's always good to see President Thurgood and his wife! Plus, his two kids are in town for the holidays! 

Saturday Hna Rodriguez, Blanco, Diaz and I took a trip to meet the rest of our district in Madariaga with the Contrerez couple. He is an Ex- stake president and son of the hermana in the ward that makes us lunches every Thursday. It felt so good to ride in a car again! This couple is the funniest ever and we loved hanging out with them! He kept playing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban and saying that he loves this song so much because it sounds just like his voice.. haha So we met up with the other Elders and Hermana's for an outdoor Christmas concert. We sang Christmas hymns with other members and Hermana Mills and I sang a two-part “Ave Maria” duet, which we practiced two times. I made up a harmony and we prayed super hard that all would sound great…It was perfect! :) Other churches participated as well and it was a great event!

The morning after the concert we were up bright and early and headed to the mission home! President and his wife put on a Christmas BBQ for the whole mission! All 270 of us or something like that! We had half hour intervals of eating today. We arrived there around 2:00 yesterday and got settled in. Since we are the mission that is farthest south we always spend the night… the rest arrive the day of. Right away president sent us out to spread the gospel! I was put in a trio and we just knocked on doors and actually taught two lessons and got a bunch of references! It was super fun! Super hot but I love talking to the people!

Lots more to say about that but I don't have too much time! 

I had a bunch of spiritual experiences this week, mostly teaching me how to listen to the spirit. We were talking to people in the street when I thought… I need to go talk to those kids’ mom... I ignored it for a bit but then went and knocked. Out walked two girls around my age who invited us in and we taught them a powerful lesson and gave them Books of Mormon! 

I also had another experience as I saw a little family sitting on their porch conversing and I thought that I should talk to them but then kept walking. I turned around however and we started to talk to them.  As we talked we found out that they were living here for the summer with their whole family of 20.... We're ready to teach :)

PS We made a Christmas tree out of paper and glitter and it's the best… yay! Plus we're feeling the nice breeze of a nice new fan!! HALLELUJA! 

Anyway, I am so happy for this time of year to talk about the birth of our Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Love you so much and thank you for the love and support! I am so excited to Skype this Wednesday! What a great time of the year I hope all is well! :) 

Quote of the week:
At this and every season, our Savior invites us to join with Him and others to offer the priceless gift of joy."
                                               - Henry B. Eyring                                                                                 

Car ride to Madariaga

Multi-faith Christmas Concert

Our Zone Christmas present-Matching T-Shirts 
YESSSS! We got a fan!!
My love of paper crafting comes in handy!

Merry Christmas!

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