{ Finding Grace } #10

Hello to all!
Let me tell you, I actually think I've learned more this week than any other week of my life! I'm so glad I don't ever have to re- live it..I'm not going to lie! Who knew that the week after a baptism could be so difficult??  We literally couldn't find anyone to teach. No one was ever home, the people on the streets refused our Christmas invitations and I had thoughts in my head like I was worse than scum. I wasn't good enough, that my Spanish would never lose its stutter with me trying to conjugate a verb 15 different times into past and subjunctive and present and hearing Vos. AHHHHHHHH! Wednesday night I had had enough. I got down on my knees and pleaded... literally sincerely asking for help. I then pulled out the letter that I had received on Monday from a dear friend.  In the letter was a talk by Brad Wilcox entitled "His Grace is Sufficient".  I LOVE THIS TALK!  It's all about how we cannot do this on our own and that we can't get frustrated when the times get hard! We will always have help when we turn to the Savior.  Please read it…it's for everyone!

I am working every day to learn more about Christ in my life.. teaching it, studying it and testifying of it.  Honestly, it makes me so happy!

Also I felt like every person that was put into my path this week was there to teach me something. A member showed us a video for a FHE (Family Home Evening) called "The Butterfly Circus". I had seen it before but this time was so special. We all can become something great! Gave me another little boost and that I'm not just some American skipping along without a knowledge of anything! haha
Check out this inspiring story...

▶ The Butterfly Circus - YouTube

Sooo….A little culture update with the food because apperently that's super interesting to everyone! haha Since I've been here for quite a while I can talk about it all! Really popular here is this spaghetti with meat sauce with lots of oil and they mix it with a white sauce.. tomato sauce isn't used much. The other day we had these spinach and flour balls.. also popular is rice, facturas ( pastries... pastry shops everywhere!) lots of fruit for dessert... cut up fruit with sugar and juice.. Beet and egg salad, Milanesas which is pounded meat battered and fried, cabbage with mayo and they love their 7-up and Tang! Also super popular are the Asados with steak and chorizo sausages. Since we have people from all different countries in our branch  (Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Uragua) We get a taste of all kinds of different things! 

A frustration... I seriously don't understand personalities here... like the language I can get but sometimes when people are sarcastic I laugh and everyone is like uhh... okay... or when something isn't funny, I laugh.  I have learned now to just laugh when everyone else does. I'm safe that way. Thank goodness for peripheral vision in lessons! I can match the face of Hna Rodriguez spot on!

Another thing lately... at Sunday lunches (Family Tirante) everyone talks deep doctrine and like the meaning of the scriptures and stuff and I'm just like ohhh nice view outside the window....


That's life! Learning every day and enjoying every minute of it! 

On another positive note...This week we had a big branch activity for the homecoming of missionary who returned in the ward.  We had lots of inactives show up and we were so happy to see them happy! Big attendance at church as well!

Also there's a theater right next to our apartment and we enjoy the music and everything late at night haha 

Oh…BTW, we've been finding great service opportunities at the hospital!

Quote this week..."Truth is more precious than any earthly possesion" - Lynn A Mickelsen

Thanks for all of your support! Love you all so much!

Super excited to Skype for Christmas!! Remember the Sprit of Christmas and I hope you guys are still planning on doing backpacks for the homeless! For a Christmas tree, I'm going to go climb a pine tree and cut off a branch because there's no trees for a decent price here. Wish me luck! :)

Speaking of Christmas, we couldn't wait so...Woohoo!! Christmas on December 9th! We opened our Christmas packages as soon as we got them!! Hey, it's probably the only time I'll ever get to open presents early! We have been cherishing the Reeses, Chik- Fil-A BBQ sauce and new socks all week! :) Thanks to all!

Plus I'm sending a little package soon! Turns out it's not too much of a hassle! Love from Argentina!
Some love for H Rod
Treasures from home.
Where we work
Look! It's a Mercedes!
Argentina Beauty

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