{ Baptizing Hermana Eva } #9

Hola to all that partake of these letters!!

This week I went on exchanges again but this time to Santa Teresita with Hermana Vargas!  Let's just say I'm SUPER thankful for our wonderful apartment in Pinamar! Their shower was literally just a showerhead in the middle of the bathroom.  I'm always so nervous for exchanges just because Hermana Rodriguez understands me so well and other companions may not.  But I prayed and prayed that I'd be able to speak well and be happy and help these people in Santa Teresita! Thankfully it went so well and we had three great lessons. Plus that night I slept like a baby! It's been super hard for me to sleep because I'm like sweating to death and swatting mosquitos in my sleep. Then when I'm awake I start thinking about scary things and my mind sees things in the dark. At that point I just want to get under the covers and hide but it's too hot... and now I'm just sounding like a little baby! But really … that's what goes down.

I’m learning that most of the missionaries just drink a glass of milk for breakfast and dinner and a tiny cracker here and there... I'm like… for real?  Hermana Rodriguez says it's because 1. They don't know how to budget their money and 2. They don't know how to make food!  It’s either that or everyone is just on one big milk diet. Haven't heard of that one before but they aren't dragging me in anytime soon!  So on exchanges Hermana Vargas handed me a glass of milk and as I drank my dinner I imagined Hermana Rodriguez back at home enjoying a nice big salad. Sigh… haha 

So until today I was declaring this town a Grinch town...No lights… no trees…no nothing! But Yay! I walked into the library today and lo and behold… Christmas lights and a Christmas tree! Oh happiness is here! Christmas is the best time of the year! Especial for sharing the Gospel! :)

Speaking of... EVA WAS BAPTIZED! 

Oh happy days! Saturday we held her baptism and Sunday she was confirmed a member of the church. 

As Eva always points out, "Things in life don't happen by chance. There is an absolute reason for everything that happens."

Here is Eva’s story. She moved to Pinamar a year and a half ago from Buenos Aires Capital. A former member of the Universal Church for 14 years, she knew that God wanted her in Pinamar with her son so she moved here.  Her husband passed away 8 years ago and she now lives with her grandson Luca. 

We met her on October 19th. We were walking the streets inviting people to our family history activity and as we were praying in our hearts for one more person, Eva appeared and was our miracle of the day. 

Eva has smoked for the past 50 years!  We found her at a time where she had the biggest desire to quit. We taught the lessons, she experienced a priesthood blessing, the Lord worked through us and for two weeks she has stopped smoking and has no desires to do so. 

Eva's Baptismal service was beautiful. I know that we met Eva for a reason. I know that she is here for a reason and that reason is the happiness that she has just been introduced to. Nothing made me happier than seeing her in white. Eva is in my heart forever. A forever friend!

After Eva's baptism she invited us to her house where she danced a Peruvian dance with a bottle on her head and sang her heart out! Haha She's a real kid at heart and brings smiles to everyone she meets! 

The day she was confirmed she was so happy to be included as a sister in the gospel. After the blessing as she sat down she proclaims, “YESSS… Hermana now!”

We went to the hospital to offer service the other day. They gave us a schedule for any day that we wanted to come feed the patients, talk to them and even share the gospel! We're going to start going this week…what a great opportunity!

The Young Women are doing so well learning their songs and last week Hermano Arias asked if I would play one of those songs on the piano. It looked pretty easy so I said that I'd try it! I must have forgotten that 1. We don't have that kind of time in the day for me to practice and 2. I can barely play the hymns in the hymnbook!  So I learned my lesson to never say I can play the piano again... JK  On the other hand, if someone asks me to play “Sweet Hour of Prayer” (one of the easier hymns to play) we're golden! haha

So this might be really gross but lets talk mosquitos... last night we had a window open and every mosquito in the world thought they could chill in our apartment.  We've now got a destroyed hymnbook (it's the only thing we could find to kill the invaders) and at least 20 smashed mosquitos on our walls and ceiling.  Ewww… but I gotta admit it was actually pretty fun! Then I noticed that I have 10 bites on my legs. I guess mosquitos like me now that I can speak Spanish.  And lovely…it just keeps getting hotter and more humid every day!! But…as always...I'm loving it!!! :) 
Loving every day and loving all of the experiences that I am having!

Love you all and enjoy your week! :) We are all so blessed so keep smiling!

"Life is good, if we live in such a way to make it so. Yes, we can find happiness in the midst of the trial of our faith. Believing, desiring, deciding and choosing correctly are the simple actions that define an increase in happiness and an increase in the inner assurance that transcends this life"
                                                                                  -Benjamin De Hoyos
Con Mucho Mucho Amor,
Hermana Barrett
Eva's Baptism!

Pinamar Young Women and their leaders at our song practice.
Exchanges with Hermana Vargas

In Argentina, we paint our houses purple!

We received our letters and packages! Thanks everyone for sending your love!

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