{ Getting into the Groove } #2 MTC

My dear family and friends,

Monday's are GLORIOUS! Seriously for all you hating today because it's Monday.. stop because it's the best day! P-days are so great. I will never think of Mondays the same! 

It has been so great hearing from you!

This week has surprisingly gone by super fast! We've had some great devotionals and choir has started! Okay... I'll just go straight to what you wanna know. Well, I won't give it away BUT.. I strongly suggest that you watch General Conference!!!  More news to come next week!

A new district is entering our zone next week and sadly there are no sisters! Six elders are entering and on Wednesday I will be going with the two zone leaders to give them some orientation and take them on a tour around the MTC! My companions and I gave a super powerful lesson on enduring to the end yesterday for our district meeting. We focused on a talk by Robert D. Hales entitled "We Count Them Happy Which Endure" and I hope you all get a chance to read it! It's great! This life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured. We are so blessed to live at this time with everything so readily available to us! Everyone has their trials and sufferings but I am so grateful that I have the knowledge and testimony of my purpose and Heavenly Father's plan.

We now have two investigators! It's getting crazy busy! The new investigators name is Calra. We weren't supposed to prepare anything ahead of time but just to get to know her and find out what she needs. Spiritual moment for the week... I am so happy for the gift that I have been given to communicate with people. We connected with her and found out all about her family and work and school. I did it ALL IN SPANISH. For the short 5 minutes that I spent getting to know her I was given the gift of tongues. This experience was amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly. My companions even started to tear up a bit. This experience has given me a new outlook.  I love the Book of Mormon and was able to testify to her of its truth and how much I love it. We committed her to reading some parts from it and we are returning on Wednesday to speak to her about it. I love this work. It is hard. It requires diligence, patience and a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I have had the most amazing opportunities and have seen some amazing miracles just in the short few days I have been here. I love my companions and my district! 

I look super cool when I get letters and stuff so keep them coming!! Haha :)  My birthday!? Is that really coming up on Thursday?! It feels so weird! I'm in need of a few things but I will send that in another email:) But remember Mom, I do like those ultimate brownie cupcakes ;)

Funny story, some sister next to me at choir decided that she needed to sing at the top of her lungs at maximum forte so after she blew my eardrums out, I just proceeded to try to sing as loud as I could, then she quieted down a bit and all the Hermana's couldn't stop laughing haha. In a reverent way of course....

Then... The other day I got mistaken for another Sister Barrett.... What are the odds! haha  The story is really awkward to tell in person so I'll just leave it at that and tell you about it in a year and a half!!

We got a couple new teachers but Hermana Link is still our teacher! The Spanish is coming along really well! It is still just as frustrating but in the times when I need it most I am blessed with the simple knowledge of it and communicating skills. I love learning it! It's like studying 9 hours a day but it's balanced enough to eat, sleep, relax for five minutes, gym time and lots of fun!! 

My companions and I have been praying for Moni's recovery. Thank you so much for all of the updates and please send her my love. I will be sending a card soon. (send me her address)

I think I have answered all of the questions! We do get taught all in Spanish mom! It's all Spanish but better than Spain for sure! The same type of stress though I'm not being graded!! haha

Oh yes by the way I can see pictures in emails! 

I love you all so much!!

Read "Safety for the Soul" by Holland! Great reminders about the truth of the Book of Mormon!

Con amor,

Hermana Barrett

Birthday pie with the district

Leaf(ing) no tree unturned as we spread the gospel...

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