{ Birthday Love } #3 MTC

September 16, 2013

Hello my loves!!

How are you all doing?!
Everything is great here!

So first matter of business, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the birthday love! No one knew it was my birthday here but I was showered with love from home. It meant a lot and the continuous support has been so great! Love you all! The cute sisters in my district put up a Happy Birthday sign in our classroom for me and we all ate all the sugar that was sent! Thanks Makayla  (thanks babe!!) and mom for the treats!

So looks like we'll be singing in the General Relief Society Broadcast! They are still in the process of picking what sisters will sing from the MTC choir.  They gave us this survey to fill out about how long we were involved in choir, voice lessons, what part we sing, etc...Soooo, we have to be selected, but we will know soon! It's a super great opportunity but so many sisters sing and they can all sing alto and harmonize...It's like a choir of angels! I'm not sure I'll even get to sing for the broadcast, but I sure hope so! Even prayer won't do much good with this endeavor cause we are all competing for that same answer to a prayer, right??! haha

Our new district of Elders came in and I got to go with the Zone leaders for an orientation meeting. These newbies are all looking like we did a couple weeks ago! One new Elder is a little too confident though and somehow he's going to need to harness his sassiness or else I'm going to kick him!! haha
The Spanish is coming along and although we sometimes just beg to be reassigned to English speaking... haha...we all know that knowledge of  this language is going to be amazing in a few months! I will be getting more info on my Visa in a couple of weeks.


We are now teaching three investigators!! It's crazy busy and every week is flying by! The days are so slow but I look back at last P-day and feel like it was yesterday! 

Sand volleyball is the new game! We all run out to the fields for gym time and it is SO fun! I'm getting really good! I got pulled out for diving the other day but I gave my team a point so it was fine haha. So every time we go out to the field I pray that I see some friends drive by or something and the other day after all the sisters got done laughing at me... what do you know.. a whole car of my friends drives by and screams my name! haha Miracles I tell you! They turned around in the car and I gave them high fives. I was so happy to see some familiar faces!! 
The weather has been so weird here lately! Raining all the time and the other day we were locked inside because it looked like a hurricane outside! It's been so nice during the day though! 
Last night we had a devotional and Ron Tanner, the producer of 17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue came to speak to us! It was so cool because we all like literally cried when we got to watch an 18 minute clip of the movie Ephraim's Rescue! Ahh.... movies!! Ha ha  Then they showed a couple kissing and we all were just like...REALLY?? Come on!! Then they left us at a cliff hanger and told us to go watch the rest.... in two years!! ha ha  But honestly, it was amazing! The talk was on never giving up. No matter how hard things are in life WE CANNOT GIVE UP! 
This place is so great and although I cannot wait to get out into the field I really enjoy the time to learn and study and the spirit felt here. It's always here! Something I'll never be able to experience again! 
Every Friday we get the opportunity to do service around campus as well so it's nice to get outside and we do a lot of gardening. 
The sisters and I have made a goal to start getting up a little early every other morning to go walking! We know we'll be doing it lots and want to start getting used to it! We're also working on speaking Spanish every chance we can. 
So we've got this creepy singing frog that sings "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" that Hermana Rupe got sent to her... and it's like the zone joke. We hide it in people's back packs and on shelves and have it creepily hanging from the doors and it's constantly moving.. totally random but haha we have lots of fun!! I'm so glad I'm with the people I am with!! 
Many people are being prepared to hear the gospel. I have realized that not all people are ready
 for baptism but EVERYONE is ready to receive the message of the gospel, so share it! :)
I'm really starting to get excited about going out into the field. I want to start serving! My emails will start to get a lot more interesting then I hope! As for this week there isn't too much new going on!
I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you! Keep the faith, count all your blessings, be grateful for every moment and I will talk to you all next week!!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Barrett 
P.S. The computers have been down so I couldn't send my pictures this week! :(

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