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Hola Familia!!
Today is My P-Day  (Preparation Day...day to do laundry, shop, prepare, nap, etc..) and I am so excited because I got to read all of the emails! It has been so great these past few days! The first couple of days went by SO slow but it's starting to go by faster! I miss you guys so much but I am constantly busy here so I don't have too much time to think about it. The MTC  (Missionary Training Center) is insane! There are so many people in one place and it's great! We are being trained every second of the day. My flight to Salt Lake had about 7 other sisters on it and probably the same amount of elders. One elder that flew with me is in my district as well. I couldn't find Julie (her friend and ride from Salt Lake to Provo) after I got off of my flight and without a cell phone I was running around like a crazy person but I eventually found her. My last supper before entering the MTC was at Cafe Rio and it was so good! I was also able to pick up my pictures that I sent to the Provo Walgreens. Anyways, so these last few days have been super overwhelming but they say if you make it through Sunday you have the hang of it. I got my name tag "Hermana Barrett" the second I walked into the MTC! Then I got, no kidding,  20 pounds of books at the bookstore. Hermana Link is my Teacher and she is so great but now we are getting a new Maestra and it's so sad to say goodbye to Hermana Link! I'll send a picture of her next week! I LOVE my district! I am in a trio companion ship with Hermana Sleight and Hermana Rust. The other Hermanas are Hermana Rupe and Hermana Crump. All super sweet girls and I can tell that we will all get along! We have four 18 year old Elders that are just a riot! My whole district is going to Posadas, Argentina except for me! How lucky for them!! I was just called to be a Sister Training Leader which is the equivalent of a Zone Leader but in sister form! I am so excited and we will be getting a new district next week so I will train them and be with them a lot of the time. This calling is really pushing me to be my best and try my hardest which is exactly what I need! Being in a trio companionship is really tough because we all have different personalities and opinions about everything! But it hasn't been too bad, we work through the bad times and whenever we get stressed we say to each other "feliz y paz"  which means peace and happiness in Spanish. By the way, we started learning Spanish the day that we entered!! It was so frustrating but I know that it will just take time. I can now pray, recite the missionary purpose, hold a tiny conversation and testify in Spanish. It's amazing how I will come back in a year and a half knowing the language so well!! The feeling of overwhelming love that I have for these people is amazing. These people have been so easy to love. I know that that is a blessing of mine to be able to love people unconditionally. No matter what happens I just remember that this mission is not for me, it wasn't meant to be easy and that the people need me and that I need to want to serve. I love being able to think that way. All of the devotionals and lessons have been great! I am so exhausted emotionally and mentally it's ridiculous. Today being P-day I got to take a power nap. HALLELUJAH!!! I am missing naps!! 

We have started teaching our first investigator Raphael. He is from Chile and is very interested in the church. It is so nerve racking and hard to teach in Spanish but they weren't kidding when they say you jump right into the work! He has committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true. Of course this is just practice but it feels real!

Gym time!!! So we had gym time and I run two miles around the track and play 4 square! It's so fun!! haha We also have personal fitness time where I took the girls of the district out and I guided them through Ab Ripper X and then we went on a jog!

Visa- I might be getting a travel Visa to go right away to Buenos Aires instead of Visa-waiting stateside! I know they are starting to do that with some missionaries so we will see what happens in 5 weeks! haha

Lon Price... do you know the name?? He is my branch presidents counselor and he kind of looks like David and Grandpa! I don't know though he is a convert. Just thought I'd let grandma know that I'm always looking for it!! haha I love my branch president! He is so sweet along with his counselors and their wives!  I have seen miracles since being here, I have been super-stretched with my abilities and pulled out of my comfort zone but this place has a spirit about it that I love! Here's to another week at the MTC!

I have had so many great experiences that have outweighed the bad for sure! I wish I had hours to write it all down but that's what every week is for! Ask me questions in all your "Dear Elder" letters because I try to write up my emails before I can email so that I know what to say! 

Love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you! Keep writing me on "Dear Elder" and I will talk to you next week!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Barrett
President and Sister Wing

Two Districts
Study Trio

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  1. So great. I can't wait to read all your posts and hear about all the great miracles that will happen on this wonderful journey. You are loved!!! Keep up the wonderful work.