{Pioneer Stuff}

Utah celebrates Pioneer day as if it's bigger than the 4th of July. There's all kinds of gatherings, carnivals and the Rodeo in Spanish Fork!  Although I never celebrated Pioneer day before moving to Provo, I won't complain about getting a day off of school and an excuse to celebrate!

I got to play with KaCie for most of the day! This was the first time seeing her since I had been home from Spain. She's all cutely married and what not but still the funniest little goober of a friend! We went to the Pioneer day festival at North Park where they had tons of games and activities for the kids, a petting zoo and a pie competition. We had plenty of samples of the best pies, pet some pigs and miniature pony's and felt the true meaning of Pioneer day.. Ben (KaCie's boo thang) served in Argentina so I got to talk to him about the do's and don't of where I'll be living soon! Nothing's better than a day with the Deans!
 That night my King Henry girls ventured to Spanish fork, got into the rodeo free, refused to pay five bucks for a kid ride and got to see some pretty great fireworks! Love these ladies!

Okay so the Iphone photos suck... as my Cannon Rebel is rotting away in my closet. Pioneers Rock!

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