{A Weekend With the Bests}

Nicole and Alexis came to Provo this past weekend! It's not often that AZ friends visit and it was so nice to play hostess with some of my favorite girls for the weekend! Nicole came in Thursday morning and I was frantically running around because I had to run to take a final.. so the good hostess I am, I sent Nicole to my room and told her to take a nap while I went to take my test. (B on the test, pretty proud)  After we had dinner at Station 22. One of my favorites in town and Nicole loved it too. Whiskey battered chicken with cheese grits, Devil eggs and Shrimp and grits. After we got our southern fix for the day we went to see.. (do I dare even say it..) Grown ups 2. So before you go on making fun.. My roommate Sara invited us and although we didn't have the best expectations we still saw it because our favorite SNL guys were in it. Needless to say Adam Sandler makes me want to gouge my eyes out and the movie was a complete bust. NEVER see it. 
After painfully sitting through 2 hours with hopes that the movie would get better (it didn't) We got dressed for 80's night at Area 51! A few of my friends met us there and we danced to 80's music, jumping up and down and shaking our bods all over the place.
Friday morning we headed to pick up Alexis and spent the day in Salt Lake.
Lunch was at Blue Lemon.
Got our City Creek shopping on
Dinner was homemade recipes from Pinterest. Chocolate covered strawberries, zucchini pizza's and sun-dried tomato pesto pasta. Super good!
Our night ended with watching the Possession.. Scary movies are always a win although this one sucked. No luck with movies this weekend!

Saturday we sweated buckets and burnt our skin to a crisp. The Y hike took a while but once we got to the top Alexis and Nicole probably had dead lungs. That altitude will get you! After the hike we headed to Alpine for the rock slide! Provo has beautiful canyons and waterfalls. 
After a hot day, Hokulia hooked us up with a massive shaved ice goodness!

After relaxing for a bit we went to dinner at Happy Sumo. 
And explored the Riverwoods and Provo Beach Resort. 

These girls made my weekend unforgettable! I'm so glad that they were able to spend time with me because my time is getting cut short! Mission is coming up! I was able to prove that Provo isn't bad at all, there is lots to do and it's a great town! It sure did make me feel a little more grateful. I missed laughing like I always had with these girls. It was a success of a trip!

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  1. you really are the coolest person - cutest clothes, food, hiking, SPAIN?! i love it.