So as of the last two weeks I've been living in Seville, Spain! Studying Spanish abroad, exploring the country and having an absolute blast! There will be many posts to come but for now, enjoy the sight of where I will be living for the next two weeks! 


  1. ah! dream world! i love seeing your instas and vines and now post! really, spain looks amazing and i bet you are having the best time.

  2. kendall! i am so glad you commented on my blog! CONGRATS ON YOUR CALL! less than 30 days?!?!?! girl, are you freeeaaaking out?! that is so exciting!! and what?! you went to spain?!!? that is amazing! is this blog going to be updated with missionary letters once you leave?

    1. I thought It was about time that I Insert a little comment in there! I am SO stoked! I've been waiting for three months now and I'm going CRAZY. Now that it's closer though I'm just stressin with all the little things to get and I feel like I know nothing... I did take a month trip to Spain to study abroad! It was soooo great and I got a head start on Spanish plus wasted a little bit of my waiting time! (much needed) Those pictures will all be up soon when I get around to it! YES this blog will be updated with all of my letters and pictures!