What's Happening at The Lawrence Welk Resort?

We take our Chobani yogurt very seriously, our tuna shell served on lettuce, our shows filled with old people and our free time at the pool. The Lawrence Welk resort treated us well! We bought lots of food for the room and had fun cooking meat on the not so reliable grills. Meals in the room always included fresh California fruits and vegetables!
 Tough decisions in the Chobani section!
 Let me please introduce to the world... Tuna Shell. The simplest recipe with the most satisfying taste. It's a staple for vacations and trips to Grammy's house and I literally ask for it over many things! So good. 
 The Welk Resort had about 4 pools and the nicest one was a short drive up the hill from our room! We got most of our sun at the pool because the beach decided to give us weather that was a little too nice with some overcast and swift winds! 
 Mommy :)
 One of our nights at the resort we attended a show at the theater called Stepping Out. It was a cute story of a ballet class. Although it was filled with people three to four times my age, It was nice enjoyable! At one point Nicole leaned over to tell me something and a little granny that obviously needed to get herself a booster seat asked Nicole in a loud voice if she could try not to move because she couldn't see.... old people. 
I loved that we spent a lot of time at the resort relaxing because there was so much to do!

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