This place is a little preview of Heaven.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields are gorgeous! It's open 9 weeks out of the summer and it is acres and acres of poppy's. I almost died at the sight of it! It's the prettiest little place. I felt like an expert of flowers because I knew most of the types from my previous work as a Costco flower girl. hehh. Just take it in. It's all real!
The 'blinded by light' pictures are always the best, right?
Almost too good to handle right?! It was definitely a place that we needed to visit!
After reliving The Wizard of Oz in the poppy fields, we made our way over to Norte, a staple for all San Diego visits!
 Taking mexican food to a new level! I thoroughly enjoyed my fajita by the beach!

After dinner, we crossed the street to a chocolate shop and played in a telephone booth. What a great day!

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