A Trolley Trip around "America's Finest City"

As the trolley conductor said, San Diego is America's Finest City! We took a day long trolley ride around San Diego and stopped to get off at about 5 spots.  The tour was great and every stop had something different to offer. First, we started in Old Town San Diego. We looked at old shops and general stores, saw a couple museums and then hopped on the trolley to our next stop, Seaport Village!
 Get it? Cousins?? ;)
 Old fashion caramel candy!
 Seaport village was a little shopping area right by the bay. We walked around for a bit, took pictures with our first cupcake shop of the trip, got a quick bite to eat at a greek restaurant and shopped around.
 The cutest shop ever! Cute colors with cute cupcakes, my kind of place :)
 We sampled lots of body scrubs at a fun little body shop. Nicole ended up buying a scrub that we all ended up using in the hotel!
 Greek salad with stuffed grape leaves.
 No one knew where Nicole was pointing..
 I picked some little flowers from Seaport Village and on our way to the next stop, The Gaslamp Quarter, I braided them into Nicole's hair. Instant Rapunzel. 
 The Gaslamp was.... not what we were expecting. We were expecting lots of cute boutiques but all we came across were restaurants. We decided to just take another run for cupcakes. haha This time we actually bought one! Behold, the thin mint cupcake. An absolute must-have and a must-bake for me!
 Quality pictures from Gaslamp! Again, a great place to eat with a few boutiques.

Next stop, Coronado! After crossing the bridge while Nicole was sitting in the fetal position while trying to avoid looking over the bridge, we arrived to the island of Coronado!
 First stop was sushi! An obvious must.
 What great fortunes....
 After shopping around for a bit, we headed back to Old Town San Diego where we ended our tour and headed to the Mormon Battalion Museum. 
 A sister missionary dressed Nicole up like one of the Men that was in the batallion. She loved holding that gun.
 Sifting for gold with our guide!
 Just because I love her :)

 The trolley tour was a success! I recommend it to anyone that visits San Diego! I learned lots and had so much fun exploring! Here's the link
Another great day in California!

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