Here is that weekly update through the good old Iphone. I was thrown off a bit this week because for some reason unknown to me, my Iphoto app got deleted. I took this chance to switch all of my photo's to Picasa and Google+. It's a sad replacement until I take the time to visit the Apple store to talk to one of the 50 helpful employees in there. Probably won't happen soon.  Anyone know what to do? Anyway, Let's start this off with Saturday night!

Dave and Buster's. AKA Adult Chuck-E-Cheeses. I went along with Julissa and AJ and his friend Mike to play arcade games, devour overpriced mini hot wing sandwiches, waste money on games that only give us enough tickets for matching plastic friendship bracelets, scavenge for tickets on the ground, but most of all, re-live some childhood memories in an arcade! It was super fun! Not to brag or anything but this girl right here was a champion at the racing games. Or, everyone else just sucked. Julissa and AJ chose to waste 20 of their points on a photo booth that would tell them what their baby would look like... Julissa just complained about how ugly the baby was but most of all how black it was and how nappy it's hair was. A Saturday night to remember! 

Sunday included a little trip to the Gilbert Temple! It's coming along!
On Monday, Julissa and I took a shopping trip to Scottsdale. The Scottsdale mall is absolutely glorious. Good thing Salt Lake is even better! We found lots of great stuff and ended it with a meal at RA. Two words. Bara Cirachi Bowl. SO GOOD. H&M has amazing clothes right now.. My coral pants and the polka dot shirt was bought there. Thank you H&M for bringing me great spring clothes!

My dear friend Monica left for France this morning for two months! Last night ( Tuesday) we went to dinner at Nando's Mexican Cafe. It was Monica, Makayla, Julissa, Rachel and I. I got the Sonoran enchilada's and I guess I didn't read that it was an indian fry bread enchilada.. Yes it was covered in grease and ground beef but hey, It was alright! We had to have a night out before Mon left for so long! I'm super jealous of her adventure and it just brings back memories from last year when we were standing under the Eiffel tower, enjoying baguettes, visiting the Louvre and taking in the wonderful atmosphere of France. Hopefully my travels will bring me back there someday!
 Future Roomie, best friend, sister from another mister, love of my life. Makayla Willis everyone. 
 Julissa got extensions! 
 Hey Mon, stocking up before your trip?

I've gone overboard. Today I chose making cupcakes over working out.. There is something wrong with me.  Nonetheless, here are the beauties!
 Strawberry cupcake with caramel and strawberries in the middle and a strawberry cream cheese buttercream frosting. Someone asked me today where I bought this cupcake. hehe homemade! Seriously if I could make a living out of this, I'd have the best job in the world!
 Chocolate cupcake with a caramel filling and a chocolate buttercream frosting. My favorite!
 Our Suns fans are the absolute best. Bye Steve Nash. What a disappointment that they didn't make it to the playoffs... Wait.. I'm not about to act like I actually follow basketball. 
Challenge accepted. Erica Welnitz and I will conquer this. 

Au revoir! XOXO

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