Let Me Just Explain.. My Obsession With Cupcakes.

They're cute, small, yummy, sweet and can pretty much make my day any any day! What's not to like! Cupcakes seem to be a sort of fad right now along with all of the YOLO froyo business. My love for mini cakes started way before this odd explosion of cupcake love. I'm really creative with my cupcakes, I am a watcher of cupcake wars and I'm constantly on the prowl for a new cupcake shop! It has always been my dream to own my own  shop. There is one in Provo, I will work there. I'll be getting an application as soon as I arrive! Anyway, back to my obsession and the meaning of this post. I was asked to make cupcakes for an event for the first time! A bridal shower! I feel like it was my first gig. Pretty big deal! Not. ha. I went to ABC Cake Decorating and bought new piping tips, disco dust, purple mist, flavorings and cupcake holders. You know, the technical cupcake bakers terms. After a trip to cake decorating heaven...
 I made these.
All pretty, sparkly (my signature) and ready for the shower! May the cupcake business begin! Kendall's Kupcakes. I can just picture it now. 

Have a great day, eat a cupcake for me!


  1. Those look amazing. Cupcakes are amazing. What tip are you using to frost those babies, lady?

    1. Hi there! I am no expert at knowing tips or anything but the lady at the store just gave me the basic cupcake tips! It's just the pointy one...Horrible description haha sorry about that!

  2. Disco dust is plastic craft glitter. Please don't use it on food. It's only for decorations that won't be eaten.

    For edible glitter, use something that is made with gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.