I Am Free!

Alright so Sparky is being hung, how much more appropriate can this picture get? Summer is here! School is officially out! Finals week kicked my butt but I dominated those tests! It was good okay being a Sun Devil for the time being but I'm ready for a month and a half off of school and work and then my awaited move to Utah will come! Words cannot describe how happy I am to live on my own again and to really focus on school and work while meeting some great new friends! Something about moving into an apartment is really getting me pumped! Obvi it's the home decorating and chance to make cupcakes and cook for my room mates every day. The past two semesters at ASU were dreadful but by the end I really realized that it wasn't too bad. my attitude just sucked. figures. haha. I made a couple great friends and enjoyed living at home with free food, love, my bed and free food. Yeah, I meant to say that twice. My freshman year is over with! I feel accomplished and I'm ready to conquer the rest of the things that are in store for me! Hello summer, Hello change, Hello freedom!

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