Instalove. + My Week Thru Pictures.

 #Aprilphotoaday #flower
 What a perfect photo opp, #Aprilphotoaday #somethingihate. I've been slacking in the blog world because finals really are getting to me! This next week will be hell. No way out. Then, SUMMER!
Tuesday Temple day with my new best friend Jazmin. Seriously, I just met this girl but I feel like I've known her my whole life! It's crazy and I'm so glad I met her a couple weeks ago, in the temple, of all places! Love my temple buddy for life! They were ripping out all of the flowers to put in the summer plants that night so we had to take some pictures before the beauty was gone!
 Too bad there was a 45 minute wait to do baptisms... So we decided to go back next week. A Rosa's shrimp taco was calling my name! This may legitimately be the best taco ever made. I love them! Jazmin got a chicken taco, it looked pretty good but I mean, nothing tops the shrimp! Oh and if you like good chips and salsa, this is the place. The salsa verde is to die for! 
 Today was a sad but great day! It was the day to say goodbye to our NTR 142 class. No more cooking with my favorite lab partner ever.we have so many memories! Speaking of April, It was her birthday!! I made a fancy little cake for her and as you can see, we demolished that thing. For lunch we walked all around downtown and ended up at Thai Basil, Aka, HEAVEN. I love Thai food. April got the pad thai and I got the green curry. Both excellent choices. We had our cake on the side and enjoyed it very much. Us nutrition students tend to be huge food fanatics, I'm glad I have a buddy to share the love for food with! This class was like a breath of fresh air! I had to drive downtown every Wednesday but I am really going to miss it. I love the city and the tall buildings. April and I would always feel sick after each class from all of the food but we would treat it by eating out somewhere good, eating more food pretty much. In class we were just given a recipe and then lots of time to cook it, not much training was put into it so we did have a few mishaps. Such as, dropping and breaking a blender (April), not preheating the oven long enough, watching smoke fly out of the oven and eyes full of tears from onions. Now that I think about it, we were some pretty dang good chefs! May the cooking continue in my food prep class over the summer! 
 #aprilphotoaday #hair. Guys, I don't bother with my hair anymore, It's 102 degrees outside. SO HOT. Good thing top knots are all the rage. Some lady in line at Goodwill asked me how i made my bun look messy but perfect, I guess it will always be my go to hair style! Speaking of Goodwill, 50% off Saturday was a success again! A pair of light blue bermuda's, a Polaroid camera with film still in it and.. A leather backpack! I live for half off Saturday's! They better have them in Utah or I might cry.
 Friday night was date night! With Julissa of course. 4/20- The Lucky One. Zac Efron has facial hair, pecs and finally hit puberty! Celebrity crush, no big deal.  I loved the movie and wouldn't mind seeing it again, then buying it and watching it every day. Julissa and i went to BJ's afterwards to get pazookies. I was tempted to ask how many calories was in one of those suckers but then, I would probably want to throw up. Why not just enjoy it! Before the movie and Julissa getting off of work, Erica and I sleuthed around town trying to make plans for her assassins game. Last year, the senior class played assassins. If you don't know what that is, look it up, I'm not about to explain it. haha. But anyway, We only drove around for an hour but this girl was dressed up as a man, had two huge water guns and a cooler full of water balloons... she's ready and I just want her to win this game.
Attention, Makayla is home from BYU. My life is complete! We went to Brittany's baby shower which was so cute! Great food, adorable presents and reuniting with my best friend!  I can't wait to dress my kids, not that I'm baby hungry or anything! No way! give me five more years.
What. A. Gem. I cannot believe that Dani is actually married!!! She has the most adorable husband that I know is going to treat her like a princess. The reception was gorgeous, the food was top notch and there was lots of talking! Talking of when she was going to pop her first baby out.  She was beaming with joy all night. I love weddings. Maybe I could get into wedding planning. Now that would be fun! Weddings are precious. 

This was one of the most stressful weeks ever because of tests but I know this upcoming week will be worse. I better start studying now to pass the time until summer! Come faster! 
Happy Sunday.


  1. Your blog is probably my new favorite. I just stalked the heck out of it! :P You are too cute! :) I hope to get to know you better! I know you are on the MG group, but we dont' really talk!

  2. bby gurl!!! i love you!!! you're awesome! also, can we talk about how many tests you had? ridiculous! wuv u

    1. Uhmm Hi beautiful! I love you more!! Yeah, tests suck... but they are all over with! Wooooooo <3