Foodie Penpal.

I decided to try some of this fun blogging stuff out. Like join a little group called Foodie Penpals. 600 people sign up monthly to get a pen-pal to send food to. At first I was like, okay this is just a trap, I'm going to get poisened. Okay yeah, no, I'm going to be honest. I didn't even think about that until I started telling my friends about it and they freaked out. It's just some random person across the country that's sending me food! Totally safe. Anyway so It's basically just sending off a package of your favorite foods to the person that you are assigned to. Taking into account what they like to eat and any of their food allergies. I took a trip to Sprouts to fill up a box full of my favorites. Including Pirate Booty.. um hi best food ever, Peanut Butter Cups, Agave syrup, Cliff Bars and fruit bars. I sent it off to good old Missouri to Marlo who loved it and shared it with her three year old son. She said that he ran around the house screaming Pirate Booty all day. Super cute! I received my package from Monica at  in Miami, Florida! It was filled with greatness. She is a vegan so I just told her to send me her favorites because I am always open to anything! The box had pita's, falafel, fruit leather, luna bar. I made the falafel right away. I had so much sending and receiving these packages. I just had to try it out for a month. I'm supposed to link this up with the Foodie Penpal blog blah blah blah and everything but I'm just feeling like a lazy blogger. If anyone is interested in joining the group, let me know!
 To Marlo
To me!

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