To all You Justin Bieber Haters.

I'm joining the bandwagon. Tears were shed. Let's be honest. Boyfriend SUCKS. First of all, what is that bird call noise in the background? JB's voice is 30 octaves lower than any of his other songs. He says swaggie..and there is a little mention of him being my buzz lightyear? I could go on and on about the lyrics. I've listened to it plenty of times just to try to draw some sense out of it.. It's absolutely terrifying. JB has let me down. As a true belieber, I was thoroughly disappointed. On the plus side, this song brings.. Miranda.  If you haven't discovered her videos yet, you haven't lived. She's hilarious. I'll post some of my favorites some other time when I am bored out of my mind... so probably tonight.  Here's a little gem that I found and the only way that I will listen to Boyfriend again is if it's this video. Hopefully the rest of his album takes a step up or else my Bieber fever is going to say goodbye to falsetto in 3..4.. Swaggie...

Bieber Fever is at an all time low so while I wait on his not so promising album to hit itunes, I will enjoy listening to One Direction. Ladies and Gentleman, they are my age and from the UK, therefore, they are my obsession. Enjoy!

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